HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams

Tips to Score highest Marks in 12th board exam

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They said Practice makes a man perfect.

They were right. Practice a lot ! Write each answer down  without seeing multiple times. If you forget, take a peek and continue writing the answer again. This way your brain gets in the practice of writing an answer in the exam hall. The more you practice, the better you are prepared for your exams.

Be Confident.

Keep confidence in yourself and study properly.  You need to  make a plan and follow it properly.  Do not panic and do not let stress consume your time. Focus is very important. You have to leave other less important activities and focus more on your studies. Do not ignore sleep. You need to take enough sleep and eat regularly. A lot of times we are discouraged by a messy study place, so eep your study place clean and well-managed. Make chits and always carry them with you (psst, not in the exam hall though). Keep revising from it until your exams. If you find it better to study with your friends, then study in groups.

Create a Study Plan.

Avoid last minute preparations and create a study plan. Make sure you know the concepts and basics first, before advancing into complex studies. Plan in advance which days you will study what subjects and when you will be practicing the past years solved papers and sample papers.

Night before Exam and On Day of Exam.

Do not try to learn new things one day before the exam or on the night before exam. You had enough time and you studied as much as you could. Now, you only have to revise whatever you have studied and be confident about answering those questions. Confidence is the key. Only revise even on the day of exam and one hour before the exam, just relax and feel confident with happy thoughts. Be stress free and give exam.

During Exam :

Read the question paper carefully as soon as you get it in your hands. Start with the easiest answers first, as you are sure to score in them. Leave the difficult answers for later as you will require a lot of time to think and innovate on them.

If you are stuck on an answer, be confident and give it a thought to see if you can answer it correctly. If you think you cannot, leave enough space and jump to the next easiest question without feeling guilty. Sometimes we get a mind block and by diverting our attention, we can suddenly realize the right answers. While doing all this, ensure that you are writing your answers in a neat way and are making a good presentation. Paper checkers generally give more marks to students who have written clean answers even if they are not the best answers 😉 

After the exam

Do not discuss any answers with your friends. That paper is in the past and you can do nothing about it, so why waste time on it? Maintain your cool and confidence and enjoy successfully completing the paper.

Subject Wise Tips :

How to study English ?

• Focus on the grammar part

• Choose a good reference book.

• Read from the prescribed book or from the solved papers.

• Work on your time management skills. You do not want to run out of time due to a lengthy paper

• Watch English movies, English books, English novels and English newspapers.

•Practice writing in English and note down your mistakes and work more on your mistakes.

How to Study Maths ?

• Practice a lot.

• Make a list of all the important formulas and concepts and refer to them whenever you can

• Practice previous year question papers and sample papers.

• Write the answers step-wise. Marks are given for each step in the maths paper so even if your final answer is wrong, you still get marks for the right steps.

How to study for Physics paper ?

• Create a list of all the formulas from all the chapters. Make a separate list of all the derivations and that should help you cover theory too.

• Create a list of the definitions and important concepts.

• Practice graphs and solve questions using a diagram.

• Analyze derivation practically and remember the steps.

•Practice with sample papers and previous year question papers.

How to study for Chemistry paper?

Theory and numerical as well as inorganic and organic both are equally important in chemistry. The Last three chapters are especially scoring.

• Make a list of all the organic formulas for all the important elements.

• Create a list of all the inorganic equations along with the molecular reactions.

• Practice a lot of question papers and sample papers. • Do not get confused in the formulas or equations.

• Practice diagrams with proper labeling from chapters like, ‘solid state’, ‘electron chemistry’, ‘principles of isolation of elements’. Revise structures of compounds in p-block elements, d-block elements. Make a list of formula, chapter–wise, giving importance to symbols and SI units so that it becomes easy to revise.

Prof Manoj G Bhandarkar from K C College, Churchgate, says –

Read the HSC government text book as all theory questions, MCQs and numerical problems are based on the textbook.

Ensure that you write answers in your own words and use textbook language only to write ‘definitions’.

Give importance to symbols and SI units so that it becomes easy to revise and for organic chemistry section make sure you study the proper way of writing IUPAC names of the compounds and draw correct structures in chapters like Bio-molecules and Chemistry.

Practise past board papers and get them corrected from a teacher as this way you will get a real feel of how HSC papers are corrected.

In MCQs write the option and the answer and write answers point-wise for both short and long answers. Draw diagrams wherever required and for Numerical problems – write data, formulae, and substitute properly and end the final answer with correct unit.

How to study Biology ?

Biology is theoretical and needs a lot of memorization, so use flash cards for definitions and names.

• Use Mnemonics for lengthy words and details

• Use flowcharts to remember the processes and sequences.

How to study Hindi subject ?

• Studying Hindi is similar to studying English.

• Apart from that you can focus on essay, application and story parts as they are high scoring areas.


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  1. Ask qs from text book only.Few Examiners show their intelligence by asking qs out of syllabus.Try at level best to ask easy qs n few diff sothat most student can perform exellently.

  2. I didn’t started my portion still. And now when I’m studying, I’m not at all focused. What should I do now? I’ve just 5 days for the HSC Boards to start. I’m confused. I’m enormously afraid of getting failed in all four subject :- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

  3. Ask qs from text book only.Few Examiners show their intelligence by asking qs out of syllabus.Try at level best to ask easy qs n few diff sothat most student can perform exellently.

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