English – Important Questions Bank for Karnataka HSC 2016 Examination

English – Important Questions Bank for Karnataka HSC 2016 Examination

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSC Karnataka exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the English – Important Questions Bank for Karnataka HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

i ).Answer the following choosing a from poetry in a paragraph of 80 – 100 word each:

  1. Why did Lt. Blandford appreciate Hollis Meynell’s remarks in the book ‘Of Human Bondage’?
  2. Write a brief note on the poverty of Tansukh.
  3. “Hob, a blacksmith in ‘One Dark Night’ had reacted too much with Joe’s ideas.” How?
  4. How do the people in England show their joy and fun in ‘going to see the rabbit’?
  5. What are the views of Baba Amte on Indian youth?
  6. Why is friendship considered rarer than love in the story ‘Appointment with Love’”
  7. How did the busy mothers show their concern for their children in the poem ‘Life’s Beginning’?
  8. why does William Shakespeare say that love is not ‘Time’s fool’?
  9. How does Shakespeare bring out the nature of true love in the “Sonnet 116”?
  10. Wrote a note on kalakshetra established by Rukmini Devi.

ii ) . Answer the following in about 200 words:

  1. Discuss the views of Baba Amte on development and culture
  2. “In ‘Unnikatha’ Mutthashi symbolizes creativity and sensitivity whereas Melkkoran represents destruction.” – Discuss.
  3. Describe the sense of outrage and self-assertion of the speaker in the poem “I Am Not That Woman”.
  4. Explain how Juliane koepcke’s knowledge about the dangers of the jungle helped her to overcome them.
  5. ‘I am not Woman’ is a protest against the exploitation of women. Discuss.
  6. “Nature acts as a foster mother for the needs of poor and helpless children.” Support your idea I the poem ‘Life’s Beginning’.
  7. “In the name of modernity and westernization, we are causing danger to our own nature and culture.” Comment on the statement with reference to ‘Unni Katha’.

iii). Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it:

Today we have a long list of creatures that have vanished altogether. As man spread across the earth, he had destroyed wildlife by shooting, trapping, cutting and burning the forest.

One of the creatures that has become extinct in the slow moving, heavy bird dodo. It inhabited the island of Mauritius. Secure in its island home, this bird had lost the power of flight since their there were no enemies to fly form. It nested on the ground in complete safety.

      Then man discovered the dodo’s paradise in about 1507, and with him came his evil friends – dogs, cats, pigs, rats and goats. The dodo surveyed theses new arrivals with an air of innocent interest. Then the slaughter began. The goats ate the undergrowth which provided the dodo with cover. The dogs hunted them. The cats harried the old birds. The pigs grunted all over the island, eating the eggs and the young. The rats followed behind to finish the feast. Soon the fat, ungainly and harmless bird was extinct.

         Many lovely and interesting animals have been so reduced in numbers that without protection and help they can never reestablish themselves. If they cannot find sanctuary where they can live and breed undisturbed, their numbers will dwindle until they join the dodo, quagga and the great auk on the list of extinct creatures.

           Of course, much has been done in the last decade to protect wildlife. Sanctuaries and reserves have been started to save these animals and birds. The reintroduction of a species into areas where it had become extinct is taking place. Although much is being done, there is still a very great deal to do. It is man’s responsibility to protect and help and give sanctuary to theses harried animals. One thing to  remember is that man, for all his genius, cannot create a species, nor can he recreate one he has destroyed.

  1. How has man destroyed wildlife?
  2. the dodo inhabited the island of ….
  3. why did the dodo lose the power of flight?
  4. When did man discover the dodo’s paradise?
  5. Mention any one of man’s evil friends.
  6. what did the goats eat?
  7. How did the pig trouble the dodo?
  8. Name one more extinct animal other than dodo mentioned in the passage.
  9. why is the reintroduction of species taking place?
  10. Today man’s responsibility is
  • to protect wildlife
  • to cut and burn the forest
  • to kill animals and birds.

iv).  Report the following conversation:

(A) “I need to buy a buffalo,” the old man said to Tansukh.

“Have you seen the one you want?”

“I have seen the buffalo. I want you to get it settled”

:Where is it?”

(B) Mary         :           Give me the secret part.

Joe      :           Where will you hide it?

Mary   :           In the chimney.

Joe      :           Won’t they look there first?

Mary   :           Then I will put it inside Ann’s wooden doll.

v). Complete the following by filling in the blanks using appropriate form the verbs given in brackets:

(i) Anandwan … (find) by Baba Amte. The inmates of Anandwan included leprosy patients and social outcaste. Sometime the children who …. (throw) into dustbin… (Carry) to Anandwan by these inmates

(ii) When we were in our Chemistry class, a limited number of instructions …. (give)  to us . We … (expect) to do everything ourselves. Our power of imagination …. (test) by the teachers.

(iii) Juliane and her mother left for Pucallpa. Their journey … (delay) by a few hours. After half an hour of the journey, the passengers inside the aircraft … (scream) for help. Their fear … (cause) by the fire seen inside the plane.

vi). Rewrite as directed:

A cheque written with a later date is called


(Use the correct root word with the prefix to answer the question)

vii). Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate expression given in brackets:

 (A) (Split in two, to feel a bit down, to be over moon)

Lt. Blandford imagined himself …. When he was a beautiful woman in her pale green suit. But, the moment he noticed a red rose with another woman, he felt as though he were being …, that is beauty and duty.

(B) (no bigger than a nut, squared shoulders, crushed like a beetle)

Hob was a big bully. Joe would be ….. by him. But Joe thought about him that his brain was …

viii). Choose the appropriate linker form those given in brackets and fill in the blanks, Rearrange the sentences into a coherent paragraph:

(rearrangement of the sentences)

(A) (so,  but, Nevertheless, Besides)

…. She did not feel very much.

…. There was no trace of the man who was sat on her mother’s left

…. The seat next to her was empty.

Juliane was lying under her seat.

— she thought both her mother and that man were dead.

 (B) (because, so, and, but)

….  The nests were not made of dry grass and leaves. Melkkoran built the glass tree ….. it was unmatched in beauty …. On birds with wings of many colors came to rest there … the visitors form far and near flocked to see the wondrous tree.

(C ) ( later, and besides, also)

Bharat … stands for Bhava (emotion), Raga (melody) and Tala (rhythm) the three components of the dance. She learnt Sadir …. Renamed it Bharatanatyam. Rukmini Devi Arundale was India’s cultural queen …. Rukmini Devi founded Kalakshetra to popularize music and dance

….. Kalakshetra, she helped found many schools in memory of Annie Besant.

ix). Read the following passage and make notes by drawing and filling in the boxes given below:

A newly observed trend among the teenagers in inclination towards fast food. However the consumption of such food leads to obesity and disorder in the body. Taste more then nutrition is what the youngsters are lured today. Fast food is also called junk food, but junk food is rich in fat. So we have to improve out life style and food habit for good health. Pulses, cereals, green leafy vegetables and fruits are essential for a good balanced diet. Vitamin rich diet helps to maintain brain health. So parents must keep a watch on the eating habits of their children.


x.) (a) write a letter of application in response to the following advertisement which appeared in ‘Indian Express’ dated 8th March, 2015 (write XXX for named and YYY for address)


(b) write a letter of application in respect to the following advertisement which appeared in Deccan Herald dated 20th March 2015. (write XXX for named and YYY for address)


xi.) Imagine that you are a member of Social Service Unit in your city/town. You are addressing a gathering of students and lecturers of your college on “The Importance of Social Service in Life”. Write a speech in about 100 words about it. Your speech may include the following points:

— a selfless service to fellow human beings

— small, yet very significant

— adds self satisfaction and identity to life

— useful to develop good character

— remain in the memory of public.

(ii) you are the Secretary of the Students’ Union. You have invited the Deputy Commissioner to deliver the valedictory speech. based on the hints below. Write a speech not exceeding 100 words to introduce the guest.

Name: Anil Tiwari

Birth Place: Lucknow. U.P.

Educational Qualifications : M. Tech

                                                Passed I.A.S. in 2004

Work profile : Started career as a software engineer — appeared for I.A.S. — secured second rank — served in various government departments – at present

Interests: Sports and cultural activities.

xii.) The following bar graph shows the annual consumption of petrol and diesel in our country since 1970. Write a report and post your comment in about 100 words:


xiii.)  What do the italicized words in the following extract refer to?

Maria became the first woman who ( i ) graduated from the university of Rome. After her (ii) medical education she was made incharge of Institute for mentally retarded children.

People believed that mentally retarded children could not be taught anything. So on one taught  them (iii) anything. Maria adopted a method of training which  (iv) was very effective.

1) who : —-

2) her : —

3.) them :

4) which: —

xvi.)  what do the underlined words in the following paragraph refer to ?

The dodos were in their island of Mauritius. Man discovered the dodo’s paradise, Earlier it was undisturbed. When he came there, some domestic animals also came with him. They destroyed the dodos.

xv.) Rewrite the sentences using the suffix given in brackets:

1) He is a person who is very much interested in  money. (-minded)

  1. Tansukh’s reaction can be predicted (–able).
  2. The dance performance of students is colored (–full)
  3. He is suffering from a disease caused by stress (—related).
  4. Milk is a drink with full of calcium (–rich).

xiv.) Which collocation is more acceptable? Write the correct answer:

i) A big ocean / a vast ocean.

ii) Watch a movie / see a movie.

iii) A long note book / a tall note book

iv) A beautiful man / a handsome man.

v) Casual holiday / Casual leave.

vi) Prompt decision / Perfect decision.

xv.) Match the words form Column A with those in Column B to from correct word pairs:



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