MUST REMEMBER THINGS on the day of Exam for HSC Students

MUST REMEMBER THINGS on the day of Exam

  • If you lose or damage your hall ticket, inform the supervisor/center head present at the exam center about your problem. Identify yourself and carry your school/college identity card. You will be allowed to write that paper on that day.

    After the exam, contact MSBSHSE immediately to get a duplicate hall ticket issued at a cost of Rs 30. Without the duplicate, you will not be allowed to write the second exam.

  • You must reach the classroom 30 minutes before the exam is scheduled to start.
  • If YOU ( student) do not reach your examination center, you must reach the nearest center where you will be allowed to sit for the examination after taking an undertaking.
  •  You must be present at the center half an hour before scheduled time. You must bring along hall ticket and ID card every day.
  • You must write Seat number in words and figure in English on the front page in the specified columns.
  •  You should not use green or red ink. You do not require the signature of the supervisor in case you have made a correction.
  • Do not write your name, address, God’s name, request or threats to pass or any other identification mark.
  • You will get 10 minutes as reading time before the examination begins. This means, you will get extra time to read the question paper before they can begin to write.
  • Don’t scribble on your writing pad; it could be mistaken for copying
  • Check your compass box, pockets for any chits, notes and discard before entering examination hall
  • Make sure you enter your roll number on every additional paper

You may also want to take deep breaths if  you go blank, and be quiet for some time, you will remember the answer soon. Do not panic.

Also there is no use discussing the paper once the exam is over so try not to discuss the answer paper.

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