Physics – Important Question Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017

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Physics Important Question Bank 2017

  1. The Shortest wavelength for Lyman series is 912 CE. Find shortest wavelength for Paschen and Brackett series in Hydrogen atom.
  2. If the earth were made of wood, the mass of wooden earth is 10% as much as it is now without the change in its diameter. Calculate the escape velocity of space shot from the surface of wooden earth.

Radius of earth                 :           R = 6400 Km.

Mass of earth                    :           M = 6X 1024 Kg.

Constant of gravitation  :           G = 6.67 X 10 – 11 Nm2/Kg2

3.An alternating e.m.f. e= 220 sin (120 π t) volt is applied to a bulb of resistance 110 Ω. Find peak value, effective value, frequency and period of alternating current through bulb.

4.A set of 12 tuning forks is arranged in the increasing order of frequencies. Each tuning fork produces ‘y’ beats per second with previous one. The last tuning fork is an octave of the first. The fifth tuning fork has frequency 90 Hz. Find ‘y’. Hence find the frequency of the last fork.

5. In a series LCR circuit, the inductor of inductance 100 mH, a resistor of 10Ω and a variable capacitor are connected across 20 V, 50 Hz supply. At what capacitance will resonance occur? Find the corresponding current.

6. A simple harmonic progressive wave is given by the equation, Y = 0.1 sin 4 π (50t – 0.1 x) in S, I units, Find the amplitude, frequency, wavelength and velocity of the waves.

7. A satellite is resolving round the earth in a circular orbit with the critical velocity 7 Km/s. Find the radius of the orbits of the satellite and period of its revolutions.

[G = 6.67 X 10 – 11 Nm 2/Kg2; M = 5.98 X 1024 Kg]

8. In Young’s experiment, two slits separated by 4 mm are illuminated by a light of wavelength 6400 A. U. Interference fringes are obtained at a distance of 60 cm from the slits. Find the changes in the fringes width, if the separation between the slits is – (a) increased by 1 mm, and (b) oppose each other?

9. A parallel plate capacitor has circular plates, each of diameter 20 cm separated by a distance of 2 mm. The potential between the plates is maintained at 360 V. Calculate its capacitance and charge. What is intensity of electric field between the plates of the capacitor? (Given: K = 1)

10. Define an ideal simple pendulum. Show that the motion of a simple pendulum under certain conditions is simple harmonic. Obtain an expression for its period.

11. The velocity of sound in air at room temperature is 350 m/s. An air column is 35 cm in length. Find the frequency of the third overtone in a pipe when it is (a) closed at one end, (b) open at both ends.

12. Explain the phenomenon of surface tension on the basis of molecular theory.

13. A coil of tangent galvanometer having diameter 16 cm is set up in magnetic meridian. When current of 0.8A is passed through the coil, the magnetic needle is deflected through 45˚. Find the length of the wire in the coil. Also find the reduction factor of tangent galvanometer.

[BH = 2 x 10 -5 Wb/m2, μo = 4π x 10 – 7 Wb/Am.]

14. An object of mass 2 kg attached to a wire of length 5 m is revolved in a horizontal circle. If it makes 60 r.p.m. find its (a) angular  speed, (b) linear speed, (c) centripetal acceleration, (d) centripetal force.

15. Define angular S.H.M. and prove that a bar magnet vibrating in uniform magnetic induction performs uniform angular S.H.M. Obtain an expression for its frequency.

16. At normal pressure, 1 kg of ice occupies volume 1.1 x 10 – 3 m – 3. The volume changes to 10 –3 m -3

When it is melted. Find the external and internal latent heat of ice. (Latent heat of fusion of ice = 80 k cal/kg; J = 4200J/K cal and pressure at N.T.P. 1.013 x 10 5 M/m2)

17. What is critical velocity? Obtain an expression for critical velocity of an orbiting satellite. On what factors does it depend?

.18. Explain the construction and working of Nicol prism.

19. What is a rectifier? With a neat circuit diagram, explain working of P – N Junction diode as a full wave rectifier.

20. Second member of Balmer series of hydrogen atom has wavelength 4860 A.U. Calculate Rydberg’s constant. Hence, calculate energy is e V when electron is orbiting third Bohr orbit. [ plank’s constant = 6.63 x 10 – 34 JS; Speed of light in vacuum = 3 x 10 8 m/s; 1 ev = 1.6 x 10 – 19 J]

21. State and prove Gauss’ Theorem in Electrostatics.

22. What is interference of light? With the help of neat ray diagrams, describe how the distance between two virtual sources in biprism experiment is measured.

23 With the help of a neat diagram, describe the construction and working of Van de Graff generator.

A moving coil galvanometer has a resistance of 25Ω and gives a           full scale deflection for a current of 10mA. How will you convert it       into a voltmeter having range 0 – 100?

24. Determine the changes in wavelength of light during its passage from air to glass, if the refractive index of glass with respect to air is 1.5 and the frequency of ling is 5 x 1014 Hz. Find the wave number of light in glass (Velocity of ling in air c = 3 x 108 m/s)

25 What is electromagnetic induction?

26. Draw the schematic symbols for AND, OR NOT and NAND gate.

27. What is the decreases in weight of a body of mass 600 kg when it is taken in a mine of depth 5000 m? [Radius of earth = 6400 km, g = 9.8 m/s2]

28. State and prove theorem of parallel axes about moment of inertia.

29.State Kelpler’s laws of planetary motion.

30. Define practical simple pendulum.

Show that motion of bob of pendulum with small amplitude is linear S.H.M. Hence obtain an expression for its period. What are the on which its period depends?

The total free surface energy of liquid drop is π  time the surface tension of the liquid. Calculate the diameter of the drop in S.I. unit

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