Important Question Bank of Physics for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2021

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Physics Important Question Bank 2021

  1. Describe how an artificial satellite using two stage rocket is launched in an orbit round the earth. Explain the nature of all possible orbits of satellite.
  2. State and prove principle of parallel axis.
  3. Derive an expression for the escape velocity of an objection the surface of the earth.
  4.  Derive an expression for binding energy of a body at rest on the earth’s surface.
  5. Obtain an expression for binding energy of a satellite revolving in a circular orbit round the earth.
  6. Define period of conical pendulum and obtain expression for its period
  7. Obtain an expression for maximum safety speed with which vehicle can be safety driven along curved banked road.
  8. Derive expression for velocity of a ring, solid cylinder and solid sphere having same radii rolling down the smooth inclined plane without slipping.
  9. Deduce on expression for kinetic energy when a body is rolling on a plane surface without slipping.
  10. state and prove principle of perpendicular axis.
  11. Obtain an expression for torque acting on rotating body with constant angular  acceleration.
  12. Derive an expression for kinetic energy of a rotating body with uniform angular velocity.
  13. Discuss the variation of g with (1) altitude (2) depth
  14.  Define critical velocity if a satellite and obtain an expression for it.
  15. Obtain an expression for the period of a satellite in a circular orbit round the earth
  16. Show that the square of the period of revolution of a satellite is directly proportional the cube of the orbital radius.
  17. Derive the expression for maximum safety speed with which vehicle should move along a curved horizontal road. State the significance of it.
  18. Prove the relation, = X , where symbols have their usual meanings.
  19. Obtain the relation between the universal gravitational constant and the gravitational acceleration on the surface of the earth.
  20.  Explain why an astronaut in an orbiting satellite has a feeling of weightlessness.
  21. State hookes law.
  22. Define the elastic limit and modulus of elasticity.
  23. Obtain an expression for the rise of a liquid in a capillary tube.
  24. Explain the reflection of transverse and longitudinal waves from denser medium and a rared medium.
  25. What is photoelectric effect?
  26. define stopping potential 2. photoelectric work fuction.
  27. what is perfectly black body?
  28. using an expression for energy of electron, obtain the bohrs formula for hydrogen spectral lines
  29. show that even as well as odd harmonics are present as overtones in the case of an air column vibrating in a pipe open at both the ends .
  30. A sonometer wire 1 meter long weighing 2 g is in resonance with a tuning fork of frequency 300hz.find tension in the sonometer wire.
  31. explain refraction of light on the basis of wave theory
  32. what is photoelectric effect?
  33. define the capacitance of a capacitor and its SI units .
  34. what is the value of tangential acceleration in U.C.M.

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Maharashtra HSC Board Exam – Important Question Bank 2021

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