Organisation of Commerce & Management – Important Question Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017

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Organization of Commerce & Management Important Question Bank 2017 (O.C.M)


Q1. Explain the social responsibilities of business organization towards the consumers and the government

Q2. What is joint Hindu family business? Explain the features of joint Hindu family business

Q3. Define social responsibilities of commercial organization explain towards consumers and shareholders

Q4. Explain the functions of the different level management

Q5. Explain social responsibilities of commercial organization towards employees and customers

Q6. What do you mean by partnership firm? State its merits and demerits

Q7. Management is an Art explain

Q8. What is a Government company? Explain its features.

Q9. What is management? Explain the functions of Top level and lower level management.

Q10. Define sole trading concern and explain its merits and demerits

Q11. Define partnership firm and explain its features

Q12. Define ‘insurance’. Explain the various principles of insurance

Q13. State the characteristics of an ‘entrepreneur’

Q14. State any ‘five principles’ of management given by Henry Fayol

Q15. State the importance of consumer protection

Q16. Define Bank explain different types of banks

Q17. Define ‘planning’ explain it’s important

Q18. Define co-operative society. Explain merits and demerits of co-operative society

Q19. Define ‘Controlling’ explain it’s important

Q20. What is statutory corporation? Explain merits and demerits


  1. State the function of Top level managements
  2. State the features of total quality managements
  3. State the function of the world trade organization
  4. What is the need of privatization?
  5. Explain the features of professional management
  6. State the impotence of disaster management
  7. State the importance of business environment
  8. State the advantages of total quality management
  9. Explain the principles of centralization
  10. State the importance of staffing
  11. Wireless communication
  12. Road transport advantages and limitations
  13. Rights of consumers
  14. ‘E’ business
  15. State the working of a payment gateway
  16. State the principles of scientific management
  17. Function of an entrepreneur
  18. Importance of coordination
  19. Importance of directing
  20. Advantages of outsourcing
  21. State advantage of globalization


  1. Partnership firm and joint stock company
  2. State commission and management
  3. Planning and controlling
  4. Private sector enterprise and public sector enterprise
  5. District forum and state commission
  6. Middle level management and lower level management
  7. Joint Hindu family business and co-operative society
  8. Private sector and public sector
  9. Administration and management
  10. Public enterprise and private enterprise
  11. Lower level management and middle level management
  12. Statutory corporation and government department
  13. Controlling and directing
  14. Professional management and event management
  15. Co-operative society and joint stock company
  16. Top level management and middle level management
  17. Sole trading concern and partnership firm
  18. Bonded warehouse and duty paid warehouse
  19. Current account and fixed deposit account
  20. Road Transport and Water Transport

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Maharashtra HSC Board Exam – Important Question Bank 2017

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