Secretarial Practice  – Important Question Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017 

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Secretarial Practice (S.P.) Important Question Bank 2017

Q1. What is Dematerialization of Shares? Explain the procedure for Dematerialization.

Q2. Define Minutes

Q3. What are Equity Shares? Explain the features of Equity/ordinary shares

Q4. Prepare a letter for payment of interest to the depositor

Q5. Explain the procedure for the issue of debentures.

Q6. What is Deposit? Explain the important provisions in the Companies Act pertaining to the deposits.

Q7. Explain the role of company secretary in maintaining statutory books, filling forms and returns.

Q8. Write a letter to a shareholder for issue of Bonus shares

Q9. Explain the Books of Accounts to be maintained by a company and the legal requirement with respect to the same.

Q10. Define the term Debentures and explain the procedure for issue of Debentures

Q11. What is public deposits? Explain the important provision as per companies act regarding public deposits.

Q12. Draft Form No. 29. Which is about consent to act as a Director of a company and undertaking to purchase qualification shares

Q13. Define ‘Share’. Explain various types of shares.

Q14. Draft a call letter informing a shareholder about call on shares.

Q15. Draft a letter to a depositor informing him about payment of interest.

Q16. Define preference share. Explain the features of preference shares

Q17. Draft a letter of forfeiture to a member of the X-Y-Z company limited, Mumbai

Q18. Draft a letter of allotment of shares to the shareholder

Q19. What are the legal provisions regarding declaration of dividend?

Q20. What are the points to be borne in mind by the secretary while writing letter to the members?


  1. Capital structure and its components
  2. Share warrant.
  3. Types of debentures
  4. Repayment of public deposits
  5. Constituents and concepts I depository system
  6. Trade credit
  7. Procedure for conversion of debentures
  8. Bonus shares
  9. Renewal of deposits
  10. Importance of financial planning
  11. Share certificate
  12. Methods of redemption of debentures.
  13. Ploughing back of profit
  14. Invitation of deposits
  15. Essentials of good report writing
  16. Final Dividend
  17. Legal provisions related to conversion of debentures.
  18. State the importance of reports
  19. Explain the secretarial duties regarding distribution of dividend
  20. Importance of SEBI.


  1. Share Certificate and share warrant
  2. Annual report and committee report
  3. Shareholders and debenture holders
  4. Letter of Allotment and letter of regret
  5. Call letter and letter of forfeiture
  6. Final Dividend and Interim Dividend
  7. Transfer of Shares and Transmission of Shares
  8. Progress report and committee report
  9. Interim dividend and Final Dividend
  10. Transfer of share and Transmission of shares
  11. Committee report and progress report
  12. Interim dividend and Final dividend
  13. Forfeiture of shares and surrender of shares
  14. Annual report and progress report
  15. Share and stock
  16. Dividend and interest
  17. Primary market and secondary market
  18. Money market and capital market
  19. Fixed capital and working capital
  20. Dematerialization and Re – materialization


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Maharashtra HSC Board Exam – Important Question Bank 2017

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