Bio-Technology – Important Question Bank for JKBOSE (Summer Zone & Winter Zone) HSC Examination 2016

Bio-Technology – Important Question Bank  for JKBOSE (Summer Zone & Winter Zone) HSC Examination 2016

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSC JKBOSE Jammu and Kashmir exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the Bio – Technology – Important Questions Bank for Jammu and Kashmir JKBOSE HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

Long Question 5 Mark:

1.Write short notes on the following.

  • Secondary structure of protein.
  • Tertiary structure of protein.
  • Recombinant DNA molecule.
  • Restriction enzymes
  • Human genome project, its significance.
  • Bioinformatics and applications.

2. Define protein engineering? Write down steps involved in protein Engineering?

3. What is DNA library? Write down methods involved in it.

4. What is Southern blotting technique? Write down the various steps involved in it?

5. What do mean by PCR? Describe in detail?

6. Define and discuss structural genome and functional genome?

7. Define recombinant DNA technology? Write down steps involved in it.

8. Define the following

  • Cloning vector.
  • Expression vector.
  • Binary vector.

Short Questions 3 Mark:

9. What are conjugated proteins? Give two examples.

10. What are plasmids? Write its importance.

11. Define proteins. Give examples of secondary protein.

12. What are hydrophobic bonds, where they are found?

13. Write down the application of PCR.

14. Define Genome Library.

15. What are DNA PROBES?

Very short Question 2 Mark:

16. Name various types of interaction (Non-covalent bonds) found in proteins.

17. Name four protein based products.

18. What is transformation?

19. Where was NCB published?

20. How gene bank was build.

Let’s try to make this a two way exercise. While we gather the question banks, you might have some inputs on this too! Please use the comments box below and post questions that you think are important from your analysis. It would help the HSC community a lot.

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