Accountancy – Important Questions Bank for Goa Board HSSC 2016 Examination

Accountancy – Important Questions Bank for Goa Board HSSC 2016 Examination.

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSSC Goa Board exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSSC Examination 2016  and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the Accountancy – Important Questions Bank for Goa Board HSSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

Accountancy – Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination

Q.1.A] M.C.Q on Admission/Retirement/Death of a partner.

B] S.A Type I on Introduction to Partnership/ Goodwill. [only theory]

C] Problem on

Admission of a PartnerRetirement of a PartnerAdmission of a Partner
Retirement of a PartnerDeath of a PartnerDeath of a Partner

1. Revaluation Account.

2. Partners Capital Account.

3. Balance Sheet or Loan Account.

Q.2.A] M.C.Q on Dissolution of Partnership Firm.

B] Problem on Dissolution of Partnership Firm.[12 to 14 items in the Balance Sheet with 4 adjustments]

1. Realization Account.

2. Partners Capital Account.

3. Bank/ Cash Account.

Note:- i] In the absence of specific information in the problem, it is assumed that all Tangible Fixed Assets realized at book value.

ii] Regarding all current assets whether realized or not, it should be specified.

Q.3.A] M.C.Q on Issue of Shares / Debentures.

B] Journal Entries on Issue of shares or Debentures. [ any one ]

[Single Journal entry, Compound entry, One side total][ Calls in arrears account must be shown in the journal]

Note:- 1.Issue of shares consideration other than cash can be asked.

2. Debentures can be issued as collateral security for the Loan or Debentures can be issued in settlement of purchase consideration/ amount due to the Vendors.

Q.4.A] M.C.Q on Financial Statement of a Company.

B] Vertical Presentation of Company Balance Sheet/ Profit and Loss. [ any one ]

As per revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act,1956.

[ 14 to 16 items in case of Balance sheet with 2- 3 working notes. 12 to 13 items in case of Profit and Loss Statement with 4- 5 working notes.)

Note:- Problem can be given in the form of extracts from Trial Balance.

Q.5.A] M.C.Q on Analysis of Financial Statement.( Comparative/Common Size/ Ratio Analysis)

B] i. Problem on Comparative Balance Sheet/ statement of Profit & Loss. Common Size Balance Sheet/ Statement of Profit & Loss. ( any One)

Not:– The problem on Common Size Statement may be for one year/ two years:-

a) If one year figures are given the question need not be in the actual format.

b) If two years figures are given the question must be in the actual format.

ii. Accounting Ratios.— Calculation of ratio on Liquidity / Solvency / Activity / Profitability.( any two ratios can be asked)

Q.6.A] M.C.Q on Cash Flow Statement .

B] Problem on Cash Flow statement. [Indirect method] [ 10 to 12 items with one or two adjustments ]

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