English (Part I) – Important Questions Bank for Odisha ( BSE) HSC 2016 Examination

English (Part I) – Important Questions Bank for Odisha HSC 2016 Examination

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSC Odisha exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the English Part i – Important Questions Bank for Odisha HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

Q. Read mindfully all the questions and choose the right answer from among the responses

1. Lencho thought only of one help; the help of _______

(a) post master       (b) God

(c) his friend           (d) older boys

2. Lencho said that the post office employees are a bunch of _____

(a) cooks  (b) crews

(c) crooks (d) cowards

3. According to Nehru “a new star rises” means – a star of ______

(a) slavery (b) dependence

(c) agitation (d) freedom

4. The Father of our Nation is ______

(a) Pandit Nehru (b) Mahatma Gandhi

(c) Subas Bose (d) Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel

5. Kapil Dev proved himself as _____

(a) a pace bowler (b) a wicket-keeper

(c) a batsman (d) an all rounder

6. Kapil made 175 runs not-out against the team _____

(a) Zimbabwe (b) Australia

(c) England (d) Pakistan

7. Air gets polluted when _____ in the air mixture.

(a) the oxygen level gets reduced (b) there is 78 per cent nitrogen

(c) there is 0.03 per cent carbon dioxide (d) there is a little less than 01 per cent argon

8. A man cannot live ______

(a) without food for some days (b) without water for 2/3 days

(c) without fire (d) without air for even 2/3 minutes

9. Success in life depends on ______

(a) good health (b) money making

(c) smoking (d) suffering

10. In our leisure hours, the author In School’s Goodbye advises us to avoid __

(a) mere idling (b) doing interesting hobbies

(c) reading good books (d) making friendship

11. “That brightens up the sky” in All Things Bright And Beautiful. Here “That” refers to _

(a) morning (b) evening

(c) night (d) the sunset and morning

12. God has given us lips to ______

(a) praise the glory of His creation (b) enjoy the beauty of His creation

(c) see the beautiful sights of nature (d) praise the human beings only

13. The flower and birds in All things Bright and Beautiful are described as ___ things.

(a) pleasant (b) tiny

(c) little (d) bright

14. How many brothers and sisters of the girl were actually alive as described in the poem, We Are Seven.

(a) 7 (b) 6

(c) 2 (d) 5

15. In We Are Seven, the supper that the girl ate after sunset is ____

(a) rice (b) sandwich

(c) porringer (d) cake

16. The poem Village Song is written by ____

(a) Sarojini Naidu (b) William Wordsworth

(c) C.F. Alexander (d) Lord Alfred Tennyson

17. In the poem, Virtue the sweet rose is described as ___

(a) cool and coward (b) calm and composed

(c) angry and brave (d) angry and violent

18. “For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever.” Here I refers to ____

(a) mountain (b) brook

(c) river (d) ocean

19. The poet compares the journey of the brook with ______

(a) the worries and anxities of a man’s life (b) the death of a man

(c) the birth of a man (d) the life of a man

20. Who weeps in the bridal of the earth and the sky ?

(a) Winter (b) Summer

(c) Dew (d) Autumn

21. Who is the writer of the story The Beggar ?

(a) Ruskin Bond (b) Anton Chekhov

(c) Prem Chand (d) Leo Tolstoy

22. Who named the tiger cub as Timothy ?

(a) The writer (b) Grandfather

(c) Grandmother (d) Mahmood

23. Timothy was taken to the nearest zoo at ____

(a) Lucknow (b) Delhi

(c) Agra (d) Dehra

24. What is the name of the beggar ?

(a) Olga (b) Sergei

(c) Kaluga (d) Lushkoff

25. “There is no pleasure for you in this world and there will be none to come. You drunkard ! You will burn in hell. Oh! You unlucky man !” Who told the above statement ?

(a) The advocate (b) The cook

(c) The beggar (d) The writer

26. Who was the Chief Judge in the Pancha to decide the case of the old aunt ?

(a) Jumman (b) Kariman

(c) Algu (d) Samjhoo

27. “Brother ! After you had given your decision, I became your mortal enemy. But today I feel sure that God Himself speaks through the Panch.” Who is addressed as “Brother” in the above statement ?

(a) Algu (b) Samjhoo

(c) Jumman (d) Kariman

28. Who came to the royal court with the help of one crutch ?

(a) The wise man (b) The oldman

(c) The oldman’s father (d) The oldman’s grandfather

29. Who was old and bent, ashy pale and toothless in the story, A Grain As Big As A Hen’s Egg.

(a) The oldman (b) The servant

(c) Father (d) Grandfather

30. “My field was God’s earth, where ever I ploughed, there was my field. Land was free. It was a thing no man called his own. Labour was the only thing men called their own.”

The grandfather said the above statement to the ____

(a) king (b) his son

(c) his grandson (d) to the people

31. “Peso” is the currency of _______

(a) Russia (b) Latin American countries

(c) Pakistan (d) China

32. The opposite word of “responsible” is _____

(a) disresponsible (b) unresponsible

(c) inresponsible (d) irresponsible

33. Indian Cricketers used to be called “dull dogs” in the early fifties of 19th century. Here “dull dongs” means _

(a) incapable of doing something watch worthy (b) dogs that are not brave

(c) Indian cricketers are black people (d) Indian cricketers played attacking shots

34. He has a touch of madness in his creative _____

(a) compose (b) composition

(c) composite (d) composed

35. To weaken someone’s strength slowly means ____

(a) sap (b) stunt

(c) secure (d) success

36. My father is _____

(a) a M.A. (b) the M.A (c) an M.A. (d) M.A.

37. My father bought a house _________ we shall stay

(a) which (b) when (c) who (d) where

38. People get deceased in a ________ atmosphere.

(a) pollute (b) polluted (c) polluting (d) pollution

39. The full form of “won’t” is ________

(a) will not (b) will not (c) would not (d) would not

40. Which sentence among the following is acceptable ?

(a) He is not only a writer but also an actor. (b) He is not only a writer but also intelligent.

(c) He not only is a writer but also an actor. (d) He is not only a writer but also plays well.

41. The students got up when the teacher _______ the class.

(a) was entering (b) has entered (c) entered (d) had entered

42. He joined the English Essay competition and won the first prize. It is a _____ sentence.

(a) complex (b) compound (c) simple (d) complex and compound

43. The film was very sad. It made me _______

(a) to cry (b) cry (c) crying (d) cried

44. He went to Puri ______ a car.

a) in (b) by (c) on (d) upon

45. The passive form of “– “Bakul broke the chair”. is _________

(a) The chair is broken by Bakul (b) The chair has been broken by Bakul

(c) The chair was broken by Bakul (d) The chair had been broken by Bakul

46. The indirect speech of – He said, “I am going home now” is __

(a) He said (that) he was going home then (b) He said (that) he is going home now

(c) He said (that) he was going home now (d) He said (that) he went home then

47. The police are __________ the matter.

(a) looking at (b) looking into (c) looking for (d) looking down upon

48. If you work hard, you ________ get an A grade.

(a) will (b) would (c) could (d) should

49. The combination of the following pair of sentences is ______

(i) I have read the book. (ii) You gave it to me

(a) I have read the book which you gave it me. (b) I have read the book which you gave me.

(c) I have read the book where you gave me. (d) I have read the book when you gave it to me

50. Sixty years _______ a long distance.

(a) are (b) has (c) have (d) is

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