English – Important Questions Bank for Goa Board HSSC 2016 Examination

English – Important Questions Bank for Goa Board HSSC 2016 Examination.

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSSC Goa Board exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSSC Examination 2016  and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the English – Important Questions Bank for Goa Board HSSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:


Q.1. Read the following passage carefully

Humanity has been at the mercy of climate change for its entire existence with at least eight glacial episodes in the past 7,30,000 years. Our ancestors adapted to the universal but irregular global warming since the end of the last Great Ice-Age around 10,000 years ago. They developed strategies for surviving harsh drought-cycles, heavy rainfall or bitter cold They adopted agriculture and livestock raising which revolutionized human life. But the price of sudden climate change in famine, disease and suffering was often high.

Re-constructing climate changes of the past is extremely difficult because systematic weather observations began only a few centuries ago. These records are reconstructed largely from tree rings, ice cores and are supplemented by a few incomplete written accounts.

The Little Ice-Age lasted from roughly 1200 until mid-nineteenth century. Two centuries ago, Europe experienced a cycle of bitterly cold winters. These climatic events are deeply important in the study of the current unprecedented global warming. This age was far from a deep freeze. It was an irregular seesaw of rapid climate changes driven by complex and still little-understood interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean. It brought cycles of intensely cold winters, heavy unseasonal rains, fierce Atlantic storms, periods of droughts and summer heat waves. The Arctic ice- pack spread southward. Storminess increased in the north-Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Colder, much wetter weather descended on Europe. Thousands perished in a continent-wide famine.

After 1850, global temperatures began to rise resulting in a vast migration from Europe. Forests and woodlands fell as intensive farming methods expanded across the world. Vast quantities of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere. Temperatures climbed due to use of fossil fuels and green-house levels soared, triggering for the first time a humanly caused global warming

Q. 1. (A) (i) On the basis of your reading of the above passage,, answer the following questions in complete sentences of about 10-15 words each

(ii)  Which two occupations transformed human life after it had suffered due to the effects of the Great Ice-Age?

(iii) From which sources are weather records of the past reconstructed?

(iv)  How are the climate- changing interactions between the atmosphere and ocean described?

(v)  What was the tragic impact of the Ice-Age on the European population?

Q.1. (B)  Choose the correct meaning of the word given below, from the  alternatives provided:

a)ancient monuments

b)antique furniture pieces

c) persons from whom one is descended

d)none of the above


a) fame enjoyed by a celebrity
b) womanly and graceful
c) members of a household
d) extreme scarcity of food in a region

Q. 1. (C) The alternatives provided are words from the passage. Select the alternative that best matches the meaning given below:

I) act of moving from one country or region to another

a) global

ii) long period without rain


Q. 2.  Read the following passage carefully:

Proteins are truly nutritional power- sources. They are the primary building blocks of the human body. They are found in every cell, muscle, and tissue of the body. Our hair, skin, organs and glands are all made up of proteins. They are found in all body fluids. Proteins essentially are nutrients for the proper growth and development of the human body. Almost all functions of our body need proteins in various quantities and at different stages. Due to constant use there is need for continual replacement. Therefore one can safely conclude that eating protein daily is important to maintain good health and to guard against illness.

There are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the intake of proteins. These false beliefs affect the well-being and healthy growth of the individual. One of the damaging myths is weight gain. If the diet is balanced and wholesome and an active lifestyle is maintained, increase in body weight due to protein intake remains a myth. Another myth is that proteins intake depends on skin colour, blood group and hair type. These factors do not by themselves play any role in determining the qualitative or quantitative need for proteins.

Q. 2. (A) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, give it a suitable title and write the para-wise topics and sub-topics using the format given below. Do not write single words or sentences but use only meaningful phrases.


I :

A :

II :

A :

Q. 2.(B)  Write a summary of the above passage in about 65 words using the topic sentences of the paragraphs

Q.3. You are Rashwin/ Radha Salunke, Head- girl of Ideal Higher Secondary School, Margao. Your school is organizing a Poster Competition for the students of Std. XI and XII, to create an awareness of Human Rights. Draft a notice inviting students to participate in the competition giving all required information. (30-40 words)


You are Madhukar/ Medha Navti of Flat-1, Eden Gardens Building, Ponda. You have got a job transfer and will be relocating. You wish to sell your self- driven car immediately. Draft an advertisement to be published in the classified columns of a local newspaper giving relevant information.(30-40 words)

Contact: Ph. 2212423
Email: [email protected]

Q.4. You are Romero/ Romana D’Silva, Secretary of the N.S.S. Unit of Model Higher Secondary School, Mapusa. You attended a training programme on Malaria Control which was held in your school. Write a report on the event for publication in your school magazine. (70-80 Words)


You are a Staff Reporter for a local newspaper. You have been asked to write a report on the implementation of the ‘Swacch Bharat’ Programme on 2 October, 2016 in Panaji to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, to be published in your newspaper. (70-80 words)

Q. 5. The month of December saw many visitors at numerous social events in Goa. Write a letter to the Assistant Director, Directorate of Transport,Panaji, Goa, expressing your opinion on the arrangements made for the smooth flow of traffic in Goa. Your name is Rajeev/Reema Bhaidkar. Your address is, H.No.12, Fifth Avenue,Candolim, Bardez, Goa. (Use Full Block format)


The parks and gardens in the state of Goa are dirty, unkempt and badly in need of attention from the authorities. Write a letter to the Editor of The Navhind Times, describing the condition of these public green spaces and give at least one suggestion for their improvement . Your name is Rose/Jack Moniz. Your address is Block 5, Park –View Complex, Ponda, Goa. (Use Full Block format)

Q.6. Write an essay of about 200-250 words on any one of the following topics:

a) Scarcity of drinking water and its conservation.
b) Democracy as an ideal form of government
c) A healthy nation is a wealthy nation.
d) Football Mania-The return of the beautiful game in India.
e) The changes I would bring about if I were the Education Minister of Goa.


Q.7. Rewrite each of the following sentences according to the instructions given in brackets

a) Yesterday the teacher ____(remind) the students that he ____ (explain) that topic earlier. (To fill in the blanks select the correct set of alternatives from those provided below:

i) will remind, will explain
ii) reminded, had explained
iii) was reminding, will be explaining
iv) reminded, will have explained
b) As soon as the bell rang, all the children rushed out of the class. (use ‘no sooner_ _ _ _ than’)
c) If the tickets are available, we can go for the film show.(Use ‘unless’)
d) The tourists admired the view. (Change the voice to Passive)
e) Iced lemonade is the best refreshment on a hot day.(Change to Comparative degree of comparison )

f) Please ______ I borrow your pen for a minute? (Use a Modal Auxiliary of ‘ permission’)


Q. 8. A. Read the following stanzas carefully and answer the questions that follow in complete sentences of about 10-15 words each.

1) …but after the airport’s security check, standing a few yards away, I looked again at her , wan, pale as a late winter’s moon…

a) Name and explain the figure of speech in the last line

b) Why is the poet standing a few yards away from her mother?

2) Far far from gusty waves these children’s faces. Like rootless weeds, the hair torn round their pallor: The tall girl with her weighed-down head. The paper –seeming boy, with rat’s eyes.

a)What does the children’s appearance reveal about their economic background?

b)Name and explain the figure of speech in line 1.

Q. 8. B. Answer the following questions in about 25-30 words each.

1) Give any two features of a thing of beauty as mentioned by the poet John Keats in the opening lines of the poem

2) What peaceful activity would war-promoters indulge in, if they counted to twelve and kept quiet?

Q.9. Answer any six of the following questions in about 25-30 words each.

a)Why was Little Franz in great dread of M. Hamel’s scolding on that day in particular?
b) Mention any two hazards faced by those working in the glass bangles industry of Firozabad.
c) How did the instructor “build a swimmer” out of Douglas?
d) Why did the peddler decline the invitation extended by the Ironmaster to his house?
e) What was Gandhiji’s experience at Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s house on his first visit there with the peasant Shukla ?
f) What does the writer Asokamitran say about ‘national integration’ in the make-up room of Gemini Studios?
g) The career ambitions of Jansie and Sophie were so different though they were such close friends. What were they?

Q.10 . Answer any three of the following questions in about 50-60 words

a) Callousness of human beings towards wildlife is one of the important issues raised in the story ‘The Tiger King’ by Kalki. Give your point of view on this subject.
b) ‘Take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves’.Why does Tishani Doshi use this statement in the context of Antarctica?
c) Injustice in society does not escape notice even by little children. Explain how Bama triumphed over the injustice which, she noticed,was being meted out to the members of her community.
d)Using your imagination suggest a different ending for the Play ‘On the Face of it’.
e) The domestic staff – Yumi and the old gardener – refused to cooperate with Dr.Sadao and Hana in the task of caring for the wounded foreigner. Express your opinion on their attitude and behaviour.



1.1. A. Rewrite the following sentences using the correct form of the underlined word: –

(i) The winding mountain roads look danger and steep.

(ii) Work hard in order to success

1.1.B Rewrite each of the following sentences as per the instructions given in the brackets:-

(i) I met_______ old man who still works hard for _______living. (Insert suitable Articles)

(ii) Chandu was too embarrassed to speak. (Use ‘so……that’ )

(iii) As soon as the sky turned grey, it began to rain. (Use ‘No sooner ……..)

(iv) The Manager wrote most of the reports. (Change to Passive Voice)

1.2.A. Replace the underlined word with a synonym. Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning:

(i) Discipline and honesty help man lead a contented life.

(ii) I do not like people who are hostile

1.2.B In each of the following sentences , select the most appropriate alternative for the underlined word:-

(i) Most youngsters are always in a dilemma with regard to their future.

A predicament

B disorder

C poise

D tension

(ii) The cool mountain environment made me feel serene.

A chilly

B uneasy

C peaceful

D sublime


2.1 Write a descriptive paragraph using the following words/ phrases: – (About 60 words)

friend’s birthday, programme to watch a movie, Panjim, went on two-wheeler, late, speeding, lost control, dashed against another vehicle, minor scratches, no movie, unforgettable birthday.

2.2 Given below is the first line of an incident. Complete the paragraph expanding the idea specified.

Today was an important day for me. I had to be on time for the event……………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… (About 60 words)

2.3 Your friend has developed the habit of eating unhealthy food which is in turn affecting his/her health. Write a paragraph convincing him/her to give up the habit informing of the risks of eating such food. (About 60 words)

2.4. ‘Teenagers are considered to be careless and irresponsible’. Write a paragraph arguing in favour or against this notion. (About 60 words)


3.1 Write an essay in about 150 words on any ONE of the following topics: –

(i) My On the Job training experience.

(ii) Laughter is life’s best medicine.

(iii) Environmental Degradation – Who is to be blamed?

3.2 You are A. Fernandez, Purchase Manager of Nature’s Resort, Colva, Goa. Write a letter of complaint to The General Manager of Bharat Potteries, M.G. Road, Pune, informing him that the order of crockery placed with them reached your resort in a damaged condition. Demand replacement of damaged articles. Invent necessary details. (Use full block format)

3.3 Write a letter of application in response to the following advertisement, giving your complete C.V.

“Safe Insurance Company seeks experienced candidates to manage office of five employees. Good communication skills and computer knowledge essential.”


4.1. A. Answer the following questions in about 10-15 words: –

(i) In the lesson Shakespeare’s sister, why was Judith beaten by her father?

(ii) According to Tagore, what function does nature impart on old Indian dramas?

4.1.B. Which are the two classes of precious things that God has gifted humans with? (Lesson- Modern Improvements) (30-40 words)

4.1. C. (i) How does John Keats speak of the smallest creatures’ of nature contributing towards the poetry of earth? (30-40 words)

(ii) Why does Wilfred Owen refer to the sunbeams as ‘fatuous’ in the poem ‘Futility’? (30-40 words)

4.1. D. Do you favour Selvi’s decision of returning to Vinayak Mudali Street after her mother’s death? Justify your answer with supporting points. (30-40 words)

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