Biology – Important Question Bank for Andhra Pradesh Inter HSC Board Exam 2017

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Question Bank for Andhra Pradesh Intermediate HSC Board Exam 2016, we have also created a list of  Most Important Question Bank for Andhra Pradesh Intermediate HSC Board Exam 2017 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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Biology Important Question Bank for Andra Pradesh Intermediate-2017

1) What is a tissue? Name the tissue which helps in absorption?
2) Name any two biochemical reactions involved in the biosynthesis of Amino acids
3) What is meant by haemodialysis.
4) Draw a neat labelled diagram of Stomata
5) Define the term “Genetic Code”?
6) Give two examples for turgor movements
7) Explain any two methods of cross pollination
8) Write the steps involved in the recombinant DNA technology
9) Define the term “Ecology”?

10) Differentiate the macro from micronutrients
11) Write the differences between broad spectrum and narrow spectrum antibiotics.
12) State the two approaches of human gene therapy
13) What is a Herbarium ?
14) Mention any two differences between the compound microscope and simple microscope
15) How are the Drosophila transferred from one culture bottle to another ?
16) Mention any two medicinal plants with their scientific names.
17) Explain the differences between plant cell and animal cell
18) Name the suicidal bag of the cell? Explain its structure and function
19) What are the reactions involved in glycolysis.
20) How does thermoregulation take place in man and animals.
21) Draw a neat and well labelled diagram of the L.S. of ovule.
22) What are the effects of global warming.
23) Mention any four bacterial diseases in man and their causative organisms.
24) Describe the steps involved in the production of Bio-gas and mention the precautions to be taken.

25) Explain the process of cellular respiration in man.
26) Draw a neat and well labelled diagram of the T.S. of monocot leaf.
27) How does the population growth influence the urbanization and environmental degradation in
our country ?
28) “Agriculture is said to play a major role in providing the important human nee”, Discuss it.

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