Biology (Section i Botany) – Important Questions Bank for Jammu and Kashmir (JKBOSE + 2) HSC 2016 Examination

Biology (Section i Botany)  – Important Question Bank for Jammu & Kashmir (JKBOSE + 2) HSC 2016 Examination

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSC JKBOSE Jammu and Kashmir exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the Biology Section i Botany – Important Questions Bank for Jammu and Kashmir JKBOSE HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

Long Answer Type Questions:

  1. . How does dominance differ from incomplete dominance? Illustrate with suitable example.
  2. Hershey and Chase conducted an experiment on T2 Phage using radioisotopes.
  3. What were there observations and conclusions?
  4. Define an ecosystem. Write an account of energy flow in an ecosystem.
  5. Vegetative propagation does not lead to variations. Why?
  6. Bio fertilizers are better than Chemical fertilizers. Justify?
  7. Why cross pollination cannot occur in cleistogamous flowers.
  8. How many phosphorus atoms are there in a DNA double helix having 10,000 base pairs?
  9. An orchid plant grows on the branch of a mango tree. Give the interaction between the two
  10. What are GM crops? Give two disadvantages of GM crops?
  11. What is ecological succession? Distinguish between primary and secondary succession
  12. What do you mean by degeneracy of genetic code?
  13. Major pollutants of air are CO2, SO2 and NO2. What are their sources and harmful effects on human beings and plants?
  14. Describe the development of male gametophyte in an angiosperm
  15. Describe the process of succession on a bare rock
  16. Discuss the role of plant breeding in increasing food production
  17. Discuss the biological method for the control of insects/pests?
  18. Describe the process of absorption of water in plants?
  19. Define carbon fixation in plants. How did calvin contribute in photosynthesis
  20. Define apomixis?
  21. How many cells are there in a typical angiospermic embryo sac?
  22. Define totepotency?
  23. Which type of ecological interaction is represented in lichens?
  24. What are schiophytes?
  25. Discuss the process of biological nitrogen fixation in plants?

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