Economics -Important Question Bank for Tamil Nadu HSC 2016 Examination 

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Today, we are posting the Economics – Important Questions Bank for Tamil Nadu HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

  1. Describe the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility with a diagram.
  2. Examine Ricardian theory of Rent.
  3. State the Cobb – Douglas production function
  4. Differentiate between the direct and indirect taxes
  5. Differentiate the short period from the long period
  6. Discuss the law of demand
  7. Discuss the objectives and instruments of monetary policy.
  8. What is opportunity cost ?
  9. Marginal Cost with examples
  10. Discuss Keynesian theory of interest.
  11. How does the Government control monopoly ?
  12. Explain the price and output determination under monopolistic competition.
  13. Mention the relationship between MC and AC
  14. Explain the features of Perfect Competition.
  15. How is the price and output determined in the short run under Perfect Competition
  16. Define Budget. Explain the balanced and unbalanced budget.
  17. Discuss the causes, effects and remedies for inflation.
  18. What are the assumptions and critisim of Say’s law of markets ?
  19. What are the functions of entrepreneur ?
  20. Explain the relationship between AR and MR curve.
  21. Describe the consumption function with a diagram.
  22. What are the determinants of consumption other than income ?
  23. Explain the methods of measurement of price elasticity of demand in detail.
  24. Types of elasticity of demand
  25. What are the three Motives of liquidity preference ?
  26. Define Equilibrim Price? How is the equilibrium price determined in the market period ?
  27. Define utility ? Name the types of utility.
  28. What is meant by division of labour ?
  29. What are the merits of socialist economy ?
  30. What are basic issue of Society
  31. Features of Socialism
  32. Explain the shift in supply with diagram.
  33. Write a note on Giffen Paradox
  34. What is the basic assumption of economic theory ?
  35. Properties of Indifference curve
  36. Define Money.
  37. What is the subject matter of Public Finance ?
  38. What are the merits and demerits of a mixed economy ?
  39. Name the important general economic systems.
  40. What are the determinants of shift in supply ?
  41. What are the assumptions of Marginal Productivity theory of distribution ?
  42. Distinguish between free goods and economic goods.
  43. Explain the shift in demand with the help of a diagram.
  44. Discuss the nature and importance of economics Laws.
  45. What is production function ?What are its classification ?
  46. Explain consumer’s surplus with the help of a diagram and bring out its importance and its criticism.
  47. What are the main divisions of economics ?

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