Biology – Important Questions Bank for Himachal Pradesh (HP) HSC 2016 Examination

Biology – Important Questions Bank for Himachal Pradesh (HP) HSC 2016 Examination

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSC Himachal Pradesh (HP)  exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the Biology  – Important Questions Bank for Himachal Pradesh (HP) HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

1.What do you understand by acid rain ? What are its effects on the vegetation ?

2. Differentiate between spermatogenesis and oogenesis.

3. Describe an inducible operon with example and differentiate from repressible operon.

4. Define Mendal’s law of Independent assortment. Explain with suitable example.

5. Write the application of Recombinant DNA technology

6. What is biotechnology ? How does old biotechnology differs from modern biotechnology ?

7. Describe hot spots of biodiversity with species reference to India.

8. What is Atavisim also write the name of atleast four vestigeal organ present in human body.

9. Describe Darwin Theory of ‘Natural Selection’.

10. (a) Write expanded forms of :

(1) AMIS  (2) CMIS  (3) NACO

(b) List any four danger signals of Cancer.


(a) Name and explain briefly any three types of Cancer.

(b) Differentiate between antibodies and interferons.

11. (a) Recapitulation theory was proposed by

(1) Van Bear   (2) Darwin
(3) Haeckel    (4) Aristotle

(b) Draw labelled L.S. of angiospermic ovule

(c) What are Cry Protein ? Name the organism that produces them

12. What are biofertilzer, explain ?

13. Define :

(a) Scavenging

(b) Commensalism

(c) Symbiosis

(d) Predation

(e) Proto co-operation

14. Write one example for each of the following :

(a) Heliophyte

(b) Viviparous plant

(c) Edothermic animals

(d) Ectothermic animals

(e) Sciophyle

15. What is biotechnology ? How does old biotechnology differs from modern biotechnology ?

16. What are Homologous organs ? Explain with examples.

17. What is aminocentesis ? What is its significance ?

18. What is gene therapy ?

19. Outline salient features of Carbon Cycle in nature

20. Microbes can be used to decrease the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides ? Explain how this can be accomplished ?

21. Define the following terms :

(a) Biopatent

(b) Biopiracy

(c) Genitically modified food

22. Outline salient features of Carbon Cycle in nature.

23. Explain principle and function of ELISA.

24. Briefly describe Predator food chain.

25. What are transgenic bacteria ? Illustrate using one example.

26. How is a sickle cell carrier at an advantage over the rest of human population in a malaria ridden area ?

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