Biology I (Botany) – Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC 2016 Examination

Biology Section I (Botany)– Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC 2016 Examination.

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Biology (Botany) – Section I – Science- Important Question Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC Examination

  1. What is biomagnifications?
  2. What is respiratory quotient (RQ)? Why RQ in anaerobic respiration is infinite?
  3. Draw a neat labeled diagram of the hair pin model of t-RNA.
  4. Draw a neat labeled diagram showing steps of PCR
  5. Describe the ultra structure of chloroplast. Add a note on the significance of photosynthesis.
  6. Describe characteristics of genetic code
  7. distinguish between light and dark reaction.
  8. Define tissue culture. Describe production of disease – free plants and secondary metabolites
  9. describe Watson and crick’s model of the DNA
  10. give schematic representation of Krebs cycle
  11. Define bio-fertilizer. give its important
  12. describe the process of double fertilization in angiosperms
  13. Describe the Source of oxygen in photosynthesis
  14. Describe the steps involved in recombinant DNS technology.
  15. Distinguish between Self pollination and Cross pollination.
  16. Describe the methods of conservation of forests
  17. Explain blue green algae as a bio fertilizer
  18. Sketch and label male gametophyte in angiosperms
  19. Vegetative propagation in angiosperms
  20. RNA and DNA (Distinguish)
  21. Biopatent
  22. Angiosperm in detail
  23. Explain the development of male gametophyte of angiosperms
  24. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of cross pollination
  25. Describe the methodology of tissue culture.
  26. what is Biopiracy ? examples of Biopiracy
  27. explain the structure of male gametophyte of angiosperms with the help of a suitable diagram
  28. replication
  29. RNA in detail
  30. Explain C3 pathway. How does it differ from C4 Pathway
  31. Describe the methods of conservation of forests
  32. Global Warming is caused by Green House Effect.Justify
  33. Describe any ‘two’ natural methods of vegetative propagation in Angiosperms with suitable examples.
  34. Define geitonogamy and xenogamy. Give advantages of self pollination and cross pollination.Explain how dichogamy favours cross pollination.
  35. V.S. of anatropous ovule
  36. what is anaerobic respiration? Explain mechanism of anaerobic respiration
  37. Define Gluycolysis. Give its schematic representation and write significance.
  38. Describe advantages of Remote sensing technique with respect to Vegetation..
  39. Describe mechanism of opening and closing of biopiracy.
  40. Sketch and label ‘tubular tower fermenter’.
  41. Define the term ‘leaching’
  42. What is ‘double fertilization’? Describe it with the help of a neat and well labelled diagram. ive its importance.
  43. Explain how suspension culture is prepared from callus.
  44. Sketch and label ‘ultrastructure of mitochondrion’.
  45. From which microbial source can pectinase be obtained?
  46. Describe floral adaptations in Anemophily and Entomophily.
  47. explain the bio synthetic phase of photosynthesis
  48. With the help of a neat and labelled diagram explain VAM (vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae).

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