English – Important Questions Bank for Gujarat Board GSEB 2016 Examination

English – Important Questions Bank for Gujarat Board GSEB 2016 Examination.

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSC Gujarat Board exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the English – Important Questions Bank for Gujarat Board HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

1.Write an essay on any one of the following topics:

1. Time management – Key to Success

2. Use and misuse of mobile Phones

2.  you are Nirmit, from Race Course Road Area, Vadodara. Write a letter to the Executive Engineer of Electricity Board, vadodara complaining about your electric meter giving wrong.

3. A bank robbery was foiled by a group of policemen who were informed by a person residing nearby about something being wrong in the bank. As a reporter of a newspaper, you have collected informational from this person. Write a report” reading.

4. A university offers different courses of studies through correspondence. Write an email to the director of the institute, requesting him to send the details of the course you are interested in.

5. Read the following passage and make a precis reducing to one third of its size and give a suitable title:

The space race is not simply meant to be the main search for knowledge as it is often made out to be. It is just an extension of the race for power on earth. Only the wealthiest nations can compete and they do so in the name of pure scientific research. But in reality all they are interested in is power and prestige.. They want to impress us, their spectators with a magnificent show of strength. Man has played the power game ever since he appeared on earth. Now,he is playing it as it has never teen played before. The space race is just another aspect of the age-old argument that  ‘might is right’. We are often told that techno know-how acquirer in attempting to get us into orbit, will be utilized to make life better on earth. But what has the space race done to relieve the suffering of the earth’s ‘ starving millions? In what way has it raised the standard of living other people? As far as the layman is concerned, the practical results cf this expenditure, of money and effort, are negligible. Thanks to space research, we can now see television pictures transmitted live half-way across the globe-

6.  Read the following poem and answer the questions given below:

fair daffodils, “we weep to see

You haste away so soon:

As yet the earth rising sun

Has not attained its noon.

Stay, stay- until the hasting day

Has run but to the even – song;

And, having prayed together,

we will go ‘with you along.

i – What makes the poet weep?

2. What is his request to the daffodils?

3. What does the poet wish to do?

4. Which periods of the day are mentioned in the poem?

5. Give the adjective form of: ‘sun’, ‘day’.

7. Rewrite the sentences as directed in the brackets:

1- This newspaper has a bigger circulation than any other morning paper. (change the degree)

2. She reaches cut across the table and pulls her down. (Use No sooner …… than)

3. The police constable chased the thief but he escaped. (Use .although,)

4. No one has turned up yet at this place. ( Add a suitable question tag)

5. The majority of the water was swept violently into a little smooth-walled bay.( Change voice)

6. Finding no answer to the question. they looked at her in amazement. (Use .since,)

7. He explode dynamite in a tightly screwed steel cylinder too strong to burst. (Remove ‘too’)

8. Don’t go soft on them. else it’ll ail have been wasted.(Make affirmative)

8.  Rewrite the following in the indirect from of narration:

“That’s very vague,” said Holmes. ‘.Why, it might be description of Watson!,,

“It’s true,” said inspector Lestrade with much amusement.

“Well, I am afraid i can’t help you Lestrade. No, ii,s no use arguing. I have made up my mind. My

sympathies are with Sebastian Glover and the impostors rather than with Miss Hamilton and her

company and I will not handle the case.”

9. Rewrite the given sentences selecting the appropriate meanings of the idioms:

I. You will not succeed if you work in by fits and starts.

( in a confused state, not steadily, at a rapid state)

2. He acted in the teeth of strong opposition.

( in defiance of at the exact moment of, consistent with)

3. He felt like a fish out of water in that place.

(happiness and misery, cause of quarrel, in an uncomfortable position)

10. Answer the following questions in four or five sentences:

l. What consolation does the poet draw from the sun? Do you think it is appropriate?

2. Contrast the behaviour of the tomcat when he is wild and when he acts tame.

3. Why would the poetess like to be a’flower’ and a’canvas,?

11. Answer the following questions in six or seven sentences:

1 . What is the plot that Mrs. Stevenson overhears?

2. What was the problem that Sudheen faced and what did he do about it?

3. According to grandma, what happens when there is no peace in the land?


Let’s try to make this a two way exercise. While we gather the question banks, you might have some inputs on this too! Please use the comments box below and post questions that you think are important from your analysis. It would help the HSC community a lot.

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