Biology– Important Questions Bank for Tamil Nadu HSC 2016 Examination

Biology– Important Questions Bank for Tamil Nadu HSC 2016 Examination

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We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the Biology– Important Questions Bank for Tamil Nadu HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

Biology-Section I (Botany)

  1. Describe Datura metal in technical terms. Draw the floral diagram and write the floral formula.
  2. Describe Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in botanical terms.
  3. Write about the basic techniques of plant tissue culture.
  4. Write the anatomical difference between monocot root and dicot root.
  5. Describe the primary structure of a monocot root.
  6. Describe the primary structure of a monocot Stem.
  7. Describe the sequences of reactions of Kreb’s cycle. (Flow chart or Explanation)
  8. Describe the steps involved in Glycolysis. (Flow chart or Explanation)
  9. Write the differences between DNA and RNA.
  10. Write an essay on DNA recombinant technology.
  11. Draw and label the structure of t-RNA.
  12. Write any three differences between cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation.
  13. Draw the structure of chromosome and label its parts.
  14. Draw bicollateral Vascular Bundle and label its parts.
  15. Describe the Vascular tissue system.
  16. Write any three economic importance of cotton, rice, groundnut.
  17. Write the overall equation of photosynthesis.
  18. What is photoperiodism?
  19. Write the physiological effects of auxins ,cytokinin. gibberellins, abscisic acid
  20. Bring out the significance of herbarium.
  21. Describe the internal structure of dicot leaf with the help of diagram.
  22. What are called Passage cells?
  23. What is called Heterosis?
  24. What is polygamous? Give an example.
  25. What is single cell protein? What are the uses of single cell protein?
  26. What is called Respiratory quotient?
  27. What is called SCP? Mention its uses.
  28. Write any five salient features of ICBN.
  29. Explain Ganong‟s respiroscope experiment.
  30. Write the significance of ploidy.
  31. What are the three classes of phanerogams?
  32. What is atropine? Mention its use.
  33.  Name any three binomials of transgenic monocotyledonous plants.
  34.  What are the differences between C3 and C4 pathways?
  35.  Draw and label the structure of ATP.
  36. What is Richmond Lang effect?
  37. Bring out the merits of Bentham and Hooker’s classification of plants.
  38. Write short notes on insectivorous plant.
  39. What is the role of Agrobacterium for gene transfer in plants?
  40. Draw and label the parts of xylem vessel.
  41.  Write short note on microbes in medicine.
  42. Draw and label the structure of angular collenchyma.
  43. What are called long day plants? Give an example.
  44. Write any five practical applications of genetic transformation.
  45. Write the aims of plant breeding (Any five).

Biology- Section II (Zoology)

  1. What is called chemotherapy? What are the good characteristics of
    chemotherapeutic agent?
  2. Explain the mechanism of urine formation.
  3. What are the uses of Urine analysis?
  4. What is Hardy-Weinberg law? Discuss its importance in Population genetics
  5. What is corpus luteum?
  6. Write the functions of thyroid hormone and explain about the malfunctioning diseases of thyroid gland.
  7. Write an essay on the functions of adrenal gland.
  8. Briefly describe “Sewall Wright Effect”.
  9. Describe the hormones and its functions of anterior pituitary gland.
  10. List out the objections made to Darwinism and write any two Neo Darwinians name.
  11. Describe the structure and functions of Lymph nodes with diagram.
  12. Describe the structure of HIV with diagram.
  13. What is Polymorphism?
  14. Write the uses of protein model.
  15. Draw the V.S of human eye and label the parts.
  16. Mention the demerits of Cloning.
  17. Define Demography. What are the reasons for population explosion since 19th century? Describe the environmental impacts caused due to population explosion with the help of diagram.
  18. “Ozone as a natural sun block”. Discuss and also list out the ways of preventing
    ozone depletion.
  19. Write down the effects of global warming. Mention any two control measures.
  20. What are the clinical manifestations of Thalaseemia?
  21. What are the applications and uses of Recombinant DNA technology?
  22. Cellular component of blood
  23.  What is Arthiritis? Write about its types.
  24. What is database in bioinformatics? Mention their two fundamental types.
  25. Describe the structure of a mature ovum with the aid of diagram.
  26. List out the several processes of respiration. Explain them with suitable
  27. What is meant by Human Genome project?
  28. Write an essay or electrocardiogram.
  29. Describe the various methods of birth control techniques.
  30. Explain various measures to be taken to resolve fresh water crisis.
  31. What is the significance of artificial insemination?
  32. Write about the structure of haemoglobin molecule.
  33. Define menstrual cycle and explain its various phases with diagram.
  34. Write short notes on genetic basis of organ transplants.
  35. How do inflammatory barriers protect our body against diseases?
  36. Explain Ian Wilmut experiment to produce clones.
  37. Differentiate immunogen from antigen. Explain the natural and potential antigens.
  38. Define immunology.
  39. What is meant by zooanthroponoses? Give an example.
  40.  What is Genetic drift?
  41. What is gene therapy? What are its types?
  42.  Explain the mechanism of muscle contraction with diagram.
  43.  What is Endoscopy? Explain its techniques. What is artificial pacemaker? Explain.
  44.  Differentiate embolus and thrombosis.
  45.  What is phagocytosis?
  46.  What is known as haematopoiesis?

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