Chemistry – Important Question Bank for Madhya Pradesh HSSC 12th (HSC) Board Exam 2017

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Question Bank for Madhya Pradesh HSSC (HSC) Board Exam 2016, we have also created a list of Most Important Question Bank for Madhya Pradesh HSSC 12th (HSC) Board Exam 2017  which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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1.Explain Lanthanide contraction. Give is caused and effects ?

2. Explain the reason’s of following

(a) Transition elements exhibit Variable Valencies why ?

(b) Salts of Zn, Cd and Hg are colourless

(c) Melting points of transition elements are high

3. Explain the reason’s of following

(i) On what basis you can say that scandium is transitional element and Zinc is not.

(ii) Cr2+ is reducing while Mn3+ oxidising while configuration of both is d4 , wy

(iii) Transition metals are good catalyst why?

4. Explain lanthanide contraction How it is caused and what are its consequences

5. Write the colour of following ions.

(i) Cr4+  (ii) Mn2+ (iii) Fe2+

(iv) Cr3+ (v) Mn4+ (vi) Fe4+

6.(a) TiO2 is colourless while TiCl3 is coloured, explain logically.

b) On the basis of electronic configuration. Explain the magnetic properties of transition elements.

7. Complete the equation and balanced it.

(i) KMnO4 + KOH  →?

(ii) KMnO 4 + KI  + H2SO4 →?

(iii) KMnO4 +  H2 SO4 +  FeSO 4 →?

8. Define Vapour pressure lowering of Vapour pressure, and relative lowering of Vapour pressure, and relative lowering of Vapour pressure – At 298 K Vapour pressure of water is 23.75 mm of Hg calculate the Vapour pressure of 5 present urea solution at this temperature

9. (a) Explain Azeotropic mixture? Writer its types.

(b) What is antifreeze ? Explain Osmosis and Osmotic pressure.

10. Give Definition of the following-

(i) Henery’s law.

(ii) Osmosis

(iii) Colligative Properties.

11. Describe the following properties of transition element:-

(i) Ionisation energy.

(ii) Formation of coloured ions.

(iii) Interstitial compounds.

12. Define solution and describe several types of solution on the basis of concentration.

13. Give the name of components of following medicinal plant-

(i) Lahsun

(ii) Bel

(iii) Amla

(iv) Kaju

(v) Supari

14. What are detergents ? Write classification of detergents with examples ?

15. Give examples of Disinfectants, antimicrobials, Antifertility and Anti histamine drugs and explain them.

16. Draw labelled diagram of Ostwald’s method of manufacture of Nitric acid and write the chemical reactions takes place in his process?

17. Give the names of medicinal plants their active ingredient and name the disease against which it is used.

18. Describe the scientific contribution of the following ancient Indian Scientist.

(i) Kanada

(ii) Charak

(iii) Sushrat

(iv) Nagarjun

(v) Vagbhatt

19. Write the Name, Symbol, Atomic number and electronic configuration of 15th group elements.

20. Write difference between detergent and soap.

21. Give Reasons-

(i) Boiling point of PH3 is less than NH3 Why?

(ii) H2S is a strong reducing agent as compared to H2o why?

22. Write the name and molecular formula and structures of any five oxy acid of sulphur.

23. Write the name of Analgesics and Antiseptic medicine.

24. What happens When-

(a) SO2 gas is passed in acidic solutions of KMnO4

(b) SO2 gas passed in acidic solutions K2Cr2O7

25. Draw a labelled diagram of Daniel cell? write redox reactions takes place in Daniel cell.

26. What is standard hydrogen Electrode ? Describe its construction with diagram and write its two limitations.

27. Write the formula and units of specific conductivity, equivalent conductivity and molar conductivity write the effect of dilution on them.

28. What happens when? (only write the chemical reactions)

(i) Formaldehyde reacts with ammonia

(ii) Benzaldehyde is boiled with alcoholic KCN

(iii) Acetaldehyde is treated with dil NaOH

(iv) Calcium acetate is dry distilled.

29. Explain in brief the factors affecting the conductivity of electrolytic solution. Find out molar conductivity of Aqueous solution of Li Br at Infinite dilution which ionic conductance of Li+ ion and Br- ion are 38.7S cm2 mol-1 and 78.40 scm2 mol-1 respectively.

30. Write two alloys of Copper with name, chemical composition and uses.

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