PHYSICS – Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC Examination

PHYSICS – Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC 2015 Examination

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Today, we are posting the PHYSICS – Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

1. State Gauss’  law. Applying this, calculate electric field due to (i) an infinitely long straight charge with uniform charge density (ii) an infinite plane sheet of charge q.

2. State the principle and explain the construction and working of Van de Graaff generator.

3. Prove that the energy stored in a parallel plate capacitor is  q2/2c

4. Derive an expression for electric field due to an electric dipole (a) at a point on its axial line (b) at a point along the equatorial line

5. Explain Joule’s calorimeter experiment to verify Joule’s law of heating.

6. Explain in detail the principle, construction and theory of a tangent galvanometer

7. Deduce an expression for the force on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field.

8. Obtain an expression for the magnetic induction at a point due to an infinitely long straight conductor   carrying current.

9. State and prove de Morgan’s theorems.

10. Write a note on pile of plates

11. Explain the spectral series of hydrogen atom without diagram.

12. Obtain Einstein’s photoelectric equation.

13. Explain FitzGerald-Lorentx contraction with an example

14. Define mobility. Establish a relation between drift velocity and current

15. Obtain the condition for bridge balance in Wheatstone bridge.

16. State and verify Faraday’s second law of electrolysis.

17. State and Prove Brewster law.

18. Mention any five Properties of X-rays

19. Explain time-dilation with an example

20. What are the reason for various energy loses in a transformer? Explain how thy can be minimized.

21. Explain space wave propagation of  radio waves.

22. Write any five applications of photoelectric cells.

23. Write the properties of lines of forces.

24. Derive an expression for de Brogelie wavelength of matter waves.

25. How will you compare the e.m.f.s of two cells using a potentiometer?

26. Explain how a cosmic ray shower is formed

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    1. Spread the word with social media and help everyone 🙂

      How was your English paper? Did you get anything from our English important questions bank?

  1. Yes 🙂 .. you can check our past suggestions for english and hindi and decide for yourself !

  2. Are you sure they are important? What if we only refer these questions and just read once the other part? Is it covering everything?

    1. Dear Sayali,

      Yes these questions are important but you should not depend on them. By posting the important questions bank, we are suggesting that you study for the exams like you normally do and just give a little more importance to the above questions.

      You have to study the whole syllabus and cover everything properly on your own.

      Best of luck 🙂

      1. in physics you have put old portion questions also.that is not there in new we have only one text book not 2.

  3. Hello! The questions that you have suggested for Economics and Organization of Commerce and Management are excellent. I would request you to add formulas for mathematics and statistics also to help us. Thank you

  4. Hello Vishwa, We are gathering questions for Mathematics and statistics and will update it here as soon as we get them. Stay tuned 🙂

        1. Before the exams like last year.

          Best thing to do is like us on Facebook and subscribe to our updates 🙂 and you will be notified whenever we post.

  5. Hello sir , i am going to appear for physcis and geography paper in october 2015!
    Today is 5 sept and my physics paper is on 3rd october! I was down with dengue for abt 2 months and now i havent studied much yet, can you give me any suggestions on how to prepare ? I am trying hard to study, but its kind of difficult to concentrate !

    1. Dear Rajesh,

      Wish you best of luck and best of health. Hope you have recovered well.

      Have you checked this > ?

      If not, do go through it. It will answer your question. The best thing to do is to focus, be confident and practice a lot.

      For improving concentration, you must get up early in the morning and start with a little meditation and stretching exercises. Drink a lot of water throughout the day and keep munching on sugar since glucose levels in the body go down with a lot of concentration. Study for a few hours and take a short 15 – 30 mins break and get back to studying. Study for 8 – 12 hours a day with frequent breaks and sleep early at night. Maybe you 10pm.

      Try this and let us know how you feel.

    1. That’s a good suggestion Vaishnavee. We will try to get it for you and publish it here on . Stay subscribed to be updated 🙂

      1. There’s only one day left for physics exam now. How much more time vil u need? Plz help me with some tips to pass because i am not really prepared for exam ?

        1. Sorry Suraj,

          We have not been able to source this. However do give past papers a read and we will pray for you.

          Be confident and give it your best shot 🙂

  6. Sir /Madam when you will post the questions for the physics , chemistry , mathematics and biology for February 2016 examination

        1. Not necessarily facebook page. You have 3 options where you can share our link in social media. Any will be do.

    1. Dear Sujeet, if you think we have access to the board papers, then you are HIGHLY mistaken. We try to source questions from reputed professors and they tell us which questions are important from the exams perspective. Whether they will appear in the exam or not is not in our control.

      That being said, a lot of students have really appreciated the important questions bank as a last minute revision exercise.

      We have no intentions of fooling people. Thanks.

  7. cn i be dependent only on these question for my xams n read the chapter just once???
    as nw ters not much time left.. n i ws suffering from typhoid n nw i am recovering…i desire 2 get 95% marks??
    so shuld i be dependent only on tese ques n read 1 time d chapter???

    1. Absolutely NOT. You cannot rely on these questions. They are for reference and revision purposes ONLY!

      You have to study everything that is there in the syllabus. I suggest you stop searching for shortcuts and start studying hard.

  8. Is it possible to get good marks if I have not studied the entire year and only the last two months? I started my studies from mid November, and I want more than 80% to crack my entrance? Is it possible? Please give me some tips..I really need some motivation!

    1. Yes, depends on your individual capability and commitment to the goal. If you are intelligent, committed, if you prepare a proper time table, stick to it and you study hard, you can surely achieve good results.

  9. Sir please give me the link to get chem and maths imp question bank so i can prepare for my 2016 boards….!!!

    1. Dear Sama,

      Yes these questions are important but you should not depend on them. By posting the important questions bank, we are suggesting that you study for the exams like you normally do and just give a little more importance to the above questions.

      You have to study the whole syllabus and cover everything properly on your own.

      Best of luck

  10. My exam is tommoroow physics , i just wanna ask u one question plzz reply have ur imp question appeared in past exam plz reply soon

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