Mathematics and Statistics Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC Examination

Today, we are posting the  – Mathematics and Statistics Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Since we cannot really publish Maths and Statistics questions here due to technical difficulties, we are elaborating below the weightage of chapters in the exam question paper. We hope this will help you prioritize your study.

1. Relations and Functions: 10 marks
– Relations and Functions: 5 marks
– Inverse Trigonometric Functions: 5 marks

2. Algebra: 13 marks
– Matrices: 8 marks
– Determinants: 5 marks

3. Calculus: 44 marks
– Continuity and Differentiability: 8 marks
– Applications of Derivatives: 10 marks
– Integration: 12 marks
– Applications of Integrals: 6 marks
– Differential Equations: 8 marks

4. Vectors and Three-dimensional Geometry: 17 marks
– Vectors: 6 marks
– Three dimensional Geometry: 11 marks

5. Linear Programming: 6 marks

6. Probability: 10 marks

Best of luck for your exams. Do leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  1. sir… what about maths1 n maths2 ? please post some important que, only 15days for exam plz tell how to revice maths2 its really difficult.

  2. hi sir today was my physics paper..i found it very difficuly…i m expecting 15-18 marks out of 70 and i m expecring 15 makrs in practical..all my other subjects are well prepared..i ws aving difficulty in physics only..bdw will i get grace maks from board to paass in one subject..please answer

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