History and Civics Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board SSC Examination

Today, we are posting the  – History Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra Board SSC Examination to make life easy for all you SSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:


  • What is Imperialism
  • Principal of National Assembly  of France in Declaration of Human rights
  • League of nation failed in maintaining world peace
  • Industrial capitalism
  • Hitlers Nazism …. imp
  • Russian revolution.. imp
  • Problem of colonist faced in America
  • British exploit India economy
  • Era of Decolonization
  • Industrial revolution beginning in England


  • Qualification of lok and Rajya Sabha
  • Constituent element of municipal council
  • Importance appointment made by president
  • Function of mayor
  • Judicial power of president
  • Function of gram panchayat
  • Why rajyasabha is called as permanent house .. v.imp
  • Why supreme court is called as court of records …imp
  • Powers of vice president
  • Function of prime minister

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