New Rules to pass HSC exam from 2016

Score of 20% in written, 35% overall must to pass HSC from 2016


MUMBAI: The state government has rejected the proposal for minimum pass percentage in theory exams for SSC and HSC that was tabled by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in October 2014. This means, the practice of students scoring an aggregate of 35 out of 100 in both practicals or orals and written exam to pass will continue. Source : TOI MUMBAI

Until now, students had to secure an aggregate score of 35 out of 100 marks in the written and practical exams to pass. While the written exams of HSC are assessed by the board, practical assessments are done by the college.  Due to this, students passed even if they scored poorly in written exams, as colleges would give generous scores to students in the practicals.

The HSC board is following the footsteps of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) where students are required to score minimum 33% in Class 12.

In light of the new rule, students have to score above the written exam cut-off of 20% marks. This means they will have to score at-least 16 marks in an 80-mark question paper as well as 35% marks in aggregate to ‘pass’ a subject.

“The state government has recently passed the order and schools, colleges will receive circulars soon,” said Gangadhar Mahamane, chairman of the state board.


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  1. In maths for hsc science we have just get 1 day so how to concentrate properly on maths in one day please tell some important techniques and how to manage last minute preparation as i have not studied well please tell me some tricks and guidance!!!!!!!!

    1. Hello Sarvesh, Do not try to learn new things one day before the exam or on the night before exam. You had enough time and you studied as much as you could. Now, you only have to revise whatever you have studied and be confident about answering those questions. Confidence is the key. Only revise even on the day of exam and one hour before the exam, just relax and feel confident with happy thoughts. Be stress free and give exam.

      Read more at :

      1. Sir plz tell me how much marks is needed in physics to pass if i get 20 in theory and 28 in practicall then i am pass or not

    2. Be calm…and just focus on chapters having higher scope for exam,which are mainly asked and solve past few years question papers which will help you to get idea about the question pattern and marks distribution.
      Most importantly: be calm
      All the best

  2. But i have not studied well because Full year i was having trouble with my health I was not able to prepare for the exam anything so how could i obtain good percentage for qualifing in best colleges in just little chapter have been get prepared that also not properly i have taken questions bank,by the revising questions of your question bank would i will get pass with good percentage……

  3. Hello sir..!! I had got jst 1 day for the physics exam and i have completed just 13chapters out of 20 chapters so sir what to do

  4. my sp paper was very bad sir… bcus m not well I will get 16 to 20 mark hopefully…. n I didn’t left d ppr blank I attempt but I wrote wrong… will I pass sir?

  5. And what about bifocal subjects like cs and electronics? As we get 50 marks from college and 50 is written

    1. You need aggregate of 35 out of 100 in both practicals or orals and written exam to pass.

  6. sir in maths exam paper 2 I wrote just 4 marcks ans and obj and rest 2marks and 1 marks I wrote jiven that wrote imp points from question paper and left I ll pass or not

  7. i have got 45% in hsc examination .will i get admission in a good engineering college!!!!!

  8. I want to ask that the new rule that is establish by HSC board for class 12 that is separate passing in pratical and on paper written is applicable or not by this time
    Because some is saying that they yet not receive circular by the board all about this
    So it is applicable or not

  9. I have not studied ANYTHING properly, i don’t know a single chapter from phy and chem i have 3 days for these subjects WHAT DO I DO PLS HELP ME OMG

  10. Hello sir..if i fail in a practical exam but have scored good marks in the written examination in that particular subject!! Would they consider it and can i pass 12 boards!?
    Or i ll have to prepare the 12 boards again??

  11. my eng paper was very bad sir… bcus m not well I will get 16 to 20 mark hopefully…. n I didn’t left d ppr blank I attempt but I wrote wrong… will I pass sir? ??plz reply fast

    1. Same thing has happened with me too..
      Suppose,If your college has given you 30marks in the practicals you will have to score 5-6 marks to pass….

  12. Tension aa raha h jaldi rply karo koi ky marks milenge Muje maine ans 1,2,3 me likhe Roman number me nhi ….60 marks ka likha h phy paper…..

  13. Sir …plz…plz….plz…plz.HELP ME…..PLZ..PLZ…
    I am appera 12 science exam physic chemistry and maths ….but sir my maths and chemistry paper had not done well ….only 15 or 16 marks i have written…but my english and computer science 1 and 2 is well done in paper……….but i have well done in praticals and orla full marks……can i pass in my hsc exam …….plzplzpl reply fast

  14. What is the pass mark in a subject…??? If i get 26 in a subject out of 100 can i pass??? Rply soon plzz…

  15. sir what is passing criteria in written exam 12 hsc boards (Maharashtra) ,your answer can be very helpfull for my brother since he has attempted sucide

  16. Hello sir ,
    I want to know what is passing criteria for 12 hsc(Maharashtra) boards .your answer will be a great source of information. THANK you

  17. hellow sir
    I want to know how much marks I required to pass in 11th class maths out of 100 plzz rply me fast sir

  18. Sir I have score 10 marks in theory and 27 marks in practical in physics.
    sir I am pass in physics in 2018 or not ?

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