Psychology  – Important Question Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017

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Psychology Important Question Bank 2017 (Art Stream)

Q1. What is ‘Abnormality’? Explain the classification of mental disorder.

Q2. Explain influence of group on individual behaviour.

Q3. Describe Carl Jung’s classification of personality

Q4. Give brief information about a test measuring Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT)

Q5. Explain various psychotherapeutic techniques to treat mental disorders.

Q6. Discuss the natures and information of a group.

Q7. Explain ‘major psychological disorder’.

Q8. What is ‘intergroup conflict’? Explain the causes of intergroup conflict.

Q9. Explain the dynamics of social influence

Q10. What is abnormal behaviour? Explain Schizophrenia.

Q11. What is social influence? Discuss various stages of group formation.

Q12. Explain the General Adaptation syndrome (GAS) theory.

Q13. What is Token economy?

Q14. What is imitation or modelling?

Q15. Explain the difference between ‘intelligence ‘and aptitude’.

Q16. Explain the ‘trait approach’ of personality

Q17. Explain noise pollution as an environmental stressor.

Q18. Describe a few symptoms of stress.

Q19. What is interview?

Q20. What is emotional intelligence?

Q21. What are the sources of stress?

Q22. Explain the balance theory.

Q23. What qualities a psychologist should have?

Q24. State the advantages and disadvantages of participant observation.

Q25. What is an individual test?

Q26. What is intelligence quotient (IQ)?

Q27. What are the characteristics of massage?

Q28. What is stress?

Q29. What are the message characteristics of ‘change of attitude’?

Q 30. What are the misconceptions about counselling?

  1. Mental age.
  2. Thematic apperception (TAT)
  3. Types of conflicts.
  4. Types of phobia
  5. Role of classical conditioning in attitude formation.
  6. Group intelligence test.
  7. Systematic desensitization.
  8. Effect if crowding on behaviour
  9. Carl Jung’s classification of personality
  10. Emotional intelligence.
  11. Anxiety disorders.
  12. Time management – way of reducing stress
  13. Importance of body language in communication
  14. Client centred therapy
  15. Social support
  16. Strategies for handling prejudice.
  17. Ethics of counselling
  18. Structure of personality (Freud)
  19. Components of human communication.
  20. Promoting pro-environmental behaviour
  21. Meditation procedures
  22. History of intelligence testing
  23. The culture assimilator
  24. Kertschmer’s classification of personality
  25. Rorschach Inkblot test


  1. Factors influencing personality-

a) Family b) school c) neighbourhood d) peer group

2. Explain Big – Five factors model of personality

a) Neuroticism b) extraversion c) openness to experience d) agreeableness e) conscientiousness

3. Explain the effects of environment on human behaviour

a) Influences of perception b) influence upon emotions c) influence on occupation and style of living d) influence on attitude.

4. Describe the importance of life skills in promoting positive health and well-being

a) Improving relationships b) self care c) positive attitude d) diet

5. Explain the various methods of personality measurement

a) Self report b) projective techniques c) behavioural analysis i) interview ii) observation

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