Geography – Important Question Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017

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Geography Important Question Bank 2017 (Art Stream)

  1. Explain the economical factors affecting the distribution of world population.
  2. Explain the impact of climate and availability of raw material on the location of industries.
  3. Give an account of intensive subsistence agriculture in the world
  4. Give brief information about modern modes of mass communication.
  5. What is ‘density of population’? Explain the socio-economic and political factors affecting it.
  6. Give brief explanation of Human Development index (H.D.I)
  7. What is meant by transportation? Classify the various types of transportation.
  8. Give an account of market gardening.
  9. Explain the pattern of density of world population.
  10. Give explanation with the help of examples of inter-countries and intra-countries disparity.
  11. European countries have high ranking in PPP and Human development index. Explain.
  12. “Development of transportation depends on the region’s geography, history and economy.” Explain this statement with suitable examples.
  13. Why Panama Canal is known as the ‘Gateway of the Pacific’?
  14. Illustrate the Asia-Pacific economic co-operation for the regional economic integration.
  15. Explain about the APEC organization.
  16. What is industrial region? Explain the major factors that influence the growth of industrial regions?
  17. Write the names of agro based industries and explain any one of them.
  18. Explain the role of minerals in the economic development of any country.
  19. Give a detail account of petroleum distribution in the world
  20. Explain the causes of migration? What are negative effects of migration?
  21. Why has migration pattern changed in 21st century?
  22. Why urban to rural migration is very limited?
  23. Explain with example how physical factors affect the distribution of population.
  24. State the characteristics of Negroids and Mangolids races.
  25. State the region of low density of population and explain the causes of it.
  26. Classify migration on the basis of different factors with examples.
  27. What is intensive agriculture? Give an account of intensive subsistence agriculture in the world.
  28. Give an account of tea cultivation in the world.
  29. Give an account of nomadic herding in the world.
  30. Name the major industrial regions of USA and describe them in detail.
  1. Positive effects of migration
  2. Sugar Industries
  3. Geographical conditions required for rubber cultivation.
  4. The Panama Canal.
  5. SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation)
  6. Information technology
  7. Economic factors affecting migration.
  8. India’s foreign trade
  9. Human development Index (HDI)
  10. Advantages of air transportation.
  11. Sex Ratio
  12. Distribution of mineral oil
  13. Horticulture in the world .
  14. Shifting agriculture
  15. Factors affecting food processing industries
  16. Port in India.
  17. Road density in Asia
  18. Distribution of pipeline in India.
  19. Global contemporary situation.
  20. Basic pillars of human development

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