Political Science  – Important Question Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017

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Political Science Important Question Bank 2017 (Art Stream) 

Q1. Explain the role of caste in India politics

Q2. Explain the jurisdiction of the High Court.

Q3. Explain the powers and functions of the President of India.

Q4. Explain the Legislative procedure of any ordinary bill in the parliament.

Q5. Discuss the law making procedure of the state legislature.

Q6. Explain the nature and power of the Supreme Court of India.

Q7. Explain the following features of the Constitution of India

  1. Federal Form of government and
  2. Strong central government

Q8. Explain the ten salient feature of the Constitution of India.

Q9. Explain the right to freedom given to Indian citizen by the constitution

Q10. Explain the methods and characteristics of amendment to the constitution.

Q11. Explain the functions of Speaker of Lok Sabha

Q12. Explain the powers and function of the President in detail.

Q13. Explain the jurisdiction of High Court.

Q14. Give an account of emergence of multiparty system in India.

Q15. Give reason for decline of one party dominance in India.

Q16. Write any two characteristics of socio-political movement.

Q17. What are the various forms of regionalism?

Q18. What are the factors contributing for the growth of regionalism in India?

Q19. Explain the right to constitutional remedies.

Q20. Discuss the powers and functions of the Governor in detail.

Q21. “Relevance of the post of the president of India.” Critically analyze the statement

Q22. Write any ‘five fundamental duties’ give in the Indian constitution

Q23. How should the president/governor exercise the power to pardon? Explain your opinion

Q24. What are the responsibilities of the prime minister in the alliance government? Discuss

Q25. Write the fundamental duties of the Indian citizens mentioned in the constitution of India

Q26. Elaborate the importance of powers and functions of speaker of vidhan sabha

Q27. Discuss the importance of preamble to the constitution of India

Q28. Discuss the provisions to ensure independence of judiciary in india

Q29. Explain the importance of function of the speaker of lok sabha

Q30. Explain the power and functions of the governor


  1. Parliamentary form of government and presidential form of government.

A] Meaning b] relationship between legislature of executives c] example

  1. Linguism and communalism

A] meaning b] nature c] effects

  1. reform movement and revolutionary movement

A] objective b] methods c] example

  1. The high court and the subordinate court

A] appointments b]jurisdiction c] removal of judges

  1. casteism and regionalism

A] meaning b] nature c] effects

  1. the Indian federation and the American federation

A] formation (method) b] citizenship c] forms of government.

  1. secularism and communalism

A]meaning b] nature c] effects on the society

  1. fundamental rights and directive principles of state policy.

A] objective b] nature c] protection

  1. regionalism and linguism

A] definition b] remedy to solve the problem c] example

  1. Lok sabha and rajya sabha

A] members, b] qualification c] tenure

  1. ordinary bill and amendment bill

A] meaning b] introduction at c] signature of the president

  1. The Prime Minister and President

A] status b] appointment c] membership of legislature

  1. Mandamus and quo warranto

A] meaning b] when it is issued c] who has right to issue

  1. Supreme court and High court

A] appointment of judge b] age of retirement of judges c] jurisdiction

  1. vidhan sabha and vidhan parishad

A] Member b] qualification c] tenure.


  1. Anti-operation movement
  2. Speaker of lok sabha
  3. dalit panther
  4. Impeachment
  5. Tribal movement
  6. Collective responsibility
  7. Powers and function of the vice president
  8. National emergency
  9. Impeachment of judge
  10. Human rights movement
  11. Chipkop andolan
  12. Method of amendment
  13. Federal government
  14. quo-warranto
  15. right to equality
  16. right to freedom and religion
  17. hebeas corpus
  18. Co-operative movement
  19. shetkari sanghatana
  20. bharatiya kisan union

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