Sociology – Important Question Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017

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Sociology Important Question Bank 2017 (Art Stream)

Q1. State the definition and characteristic of industrialization and explain its impact on Indian society.

Q2. Explain the social and educational work of Shahu Maharaj. Discuss its impact on Indian society.

Q3. Explain the problem of rural community and state the measures to solve them.

Q4. What are the causes of farmers ‘suicides? Suggest suitable measures to solve the problems behinds their suicide.

Q4. Explain the characteristics of ‘social institution.’

Q5. State the characteristics of ‘westernization.’

Q6. What are the problems of rural community? What measures would you suggest to solve problems of the rural community?

Q7. Explain the principles and social work of Arya samaj.

Q8. What is meant by the term ‘’social problem? Discuss the consequences of over-population of Indian society. Suggest suitable to solve the problems of overpopulation.

Q9. What is the impact of Mahatma Phule’s work on Indian society?

Q10. What is the positive impact of mass media on Indian society?

Q11. Write about the changes occurring in the institution of marriage.

Q12. What measures would you suggest to solve the dowry problem?

Q13. Explain the problems of the urban community and discuss the measures implemented by the government and  suggest measures to solve them.

Q14. Describe the ‘Ashram’ System.’

Q15. Explain the characteristics of family.

Q16. What are the types of communication?

Q17. What measure would you suggest to solve the problem of gender inequality?

Q18. Explain the measure to promote national integration.

Q19.What is the consequences of population growth? Suggest suitable measures to control population growth.

Q20. Explain the problem of tribal community and suggest measure to solve them.

Q21. Explain the characteristics of ‘caste’’

Q22. Explain the diversity in Indian society.

Q23. Explain the characteristics of modernization and discuss its impact on Indian society.

Q24. Explain the cause of domestic violence and suggest measures to solve this problem.

Q25. Explain the works of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and discuss its impact on Indian society.


Q.1. Globalization is a social process.

Q.2. Industrialization leads to urbanization.

Q.3. the institution of marriage in India is changing.

Q.3. Tribal’s facing several problems.

Q.4. India is a secular country.

Q5. Fundamental rights are useful for creation of national integration.

Q.6. In the modern period, there is a need of computer education.

Q.7. There are many problems in urban community.

Q8. Dowry Prohibition Act has failed.

Q.9. Birth rate is high in India.

Q10. Computer is very useful.

Q11. Tribal people have several financial problems.

Q12. Television is a popular medium of mass communication.

Q13. Westernization is a significant process of social change.

Q14. The institution of cast is changing in India.

Q15. Death rates are decreasing in India.

Q16. There is unity in diversity in India.

Q17. Raja Rammohan Roy is regarded as the ‘father of modern India.’

Q18. Modernization had brought about various changes in Indian society.

Q19. Mahatma Jotia Phule’s work has brought about changes in Indian society.

Q20. Traditional functions of the family changing.

  1. Liberalization and Privatization.
  2. Rural Community and urban community
  3. polygyny and polyandry
  4. Industrialization and Urbanization
  5. Linguism and Regionalism.
  6. Brahmo samaj and Arya samaj.
  7. Direct democracy and indirect democracy
  8. Patriarchal family and matriarchal family.
  9. Rural community and trial community.
  10. News paper and computer
  11. Westernization and Modernization
  12. Joint family and nuclear family
  13. Television and Radio
  14. Communalism and Casteism
  15. Satyashodhak samaj and Arya samaj.
  16. Movies (cinema) and newspaper.
  1. Need for national integration
  2. Impact of brahmo samaj
  3. Internet
  4. Obstacles to national integration.
  5. Causes of gender inequality.
  6. Positive impact of mass media on economic field
  7. Characteristics of Industrialization
  8. Economic problems of tribal community
  9. Components of mass media.
  10. Impact of modernization on Indian society.
  11. Unfavourable impact of globalization.
  12. Consequences of dowry.
  13. Impact of Christianity.
  14. Terrorism
  15. Newspapers
  16. Impact of Buddism on Indian society.
  17. Measures to control population growth

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