Biology – Important Questions Bank for Gujarat Board (GSEB) HSC 2016 Examination

Biology – Important Questions Bank for Gujarat Board HSC 2016 Examination.

We had mentioned some tips for cracking the HSC Gujarat Board exam here: HSC Study Tips to Crack HSC Exams.

We had also shared Important Questions Bank for HSC Examination 2016 and students have really appreciated it and showered us with love last year.

Today, we are posting the Biology – Important Questions Bank for Gujarat Board HSC 2016 Examination to make life easy for all you HSC students.

Without making you wait any further, please find the questions below:

  1. Write a note on : Fuel Crisis.
  2. Give information about symptoms, transmission and diagnosis of hepatitis
  3. Factor responsible for the spread of AIDS and diagnosis of AIDS.
  4. Development of Biotechnology in India.
  5. Importance of wild life.
  6. Describe the effect of water pollution on health.
  7. Technique for production of artificial insulin.
  8. What is the future of biosciences at micromolecular level ?
  9. Write about the causes and preventive measures and diagnosis of cancer.
  10. Explain the flow of energy from the sun giving a suitable example from any system. Why is energy plantation necessary ? Describe the means of promoting energy plantation.
  11. Write about the causes, preventive measures and diagnosis of cancer.  Give scientific explanation on Radiation Therapy being most useful treatment for cancer. What is Chemo therapy.
  12. Explain the production of the monoclonal antibody for curing cancer
  13. The types of cancer and Describe dangerous symptoms of cancer
  14. Explain successful projects undertaken in our country under conservation of WILD LIFE. Importance of wild life.
  15. Explain Hybridoma technique
  16. Explain Nitrogen cycle (Figure necessary)
  17. Describe the effects of air pollution in large cities on the health of man and other living organisms. A note on Noise pollution and Air pollution. Effect of Air Pollutant on health.
  18. Note on genetic engineering
  19. Discus the concept : Man’s future depends upon the conservation of the environment. Allergy and inflammation
  20. Discuss various projects and steps taken for conservation of wild life by Indian govt. and WWF
  21. “Smoking is injurious to health”. Explain. “A single cigarette can bring about death of a person” Explain the Statement.
  22. Self diagnosis of cancer is possible” (Give 4 points)
  23. Explain endangered wild species with examples
  24. AIDS is termed as a dread full disease. Give scientific reason.
  25. Describe response of T – cells on antigens. What are B-cells ? How do they react against the antigen ?
  26. Write a short note on: Tissue and organ transplantation
  27. Diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis. Explain: Types of Hepatitis
  28. Why is blood donation the best donation among all other donations ?
  29. Duties of Health Centers
  30. Production of steroids by fungi and its importance.
  31. State fullform of LSD and S. P. E.T
  32.  What is meant by kidney transplantation ? What are its risk factors ? What are its solutions ?
  33. Social forestation.What is farm forestry ?
  34. Mention main types of fermentation process and main steps of fermentation.
  35. What is Green house effect.
  36. Diagnosis of AIDS.  “AIDS is termed as a dreadful disease”. Give scientific reason.
  37. Define: Energy cropping and Energy farming
  38. State the full forms of ECG , DDT, NBTB, BIBCOL, CCMB and IMTEC
  39. Radiation exposure to the developing embryo is harmful. Why ?
  40. Uses of Steroids
  41. Give the name of target tissues for carcinogen aflatoxins and cadmium oxide.
  42. Name the pollutants Causing irritation in the lower part of Respiratory tract
  43. For what purpose mammography and pap smear-test is carried out.What is mammography.
  44. Name the group of microorganisms used for large scale production of antibiotics.
  45. Name the tests used for diagnosis of hepatits.
  46. What are the causes of Mental illness.
  47. Which field of biology attract special attention of biologist ?
  48. ‘Earth is an, open system for energy.’ Explain.
  49. Describe process of Gastrulation with diagram
  50. Draw neat, labelled diagrams of Bones of fore limbs.
  51. Draw neat, labelled diagram of Londitudinal section of brain of frog. Sketch and label the ventral view of skull of frog.
  52. Explain T.S of kidney with diagram
  53. Describe the process of oogenesis. How is it different from spermatogenesis ? Explain giving necessary diagrams.
  54. Explain the structure of nephron giving diagram and describe the process of urine formation.
  55. Explain the phenomenon of replication of DNA.
  56. Explain the inheritance of kappa particles, in the conjugation of long duration between a killer paramecium having kappa particles and a sensitive paramecium devoid of kappa particles.
  57. Discuss the phenomenon of non-disjunction of chromosomes and explain how xxy
  58. Sex determination in Drosophila. Describe- sex determination in humans.
  59. Disorders of polysomy of X-sex chromosome
  60. Write a short note describing disorders arising due to gene abnormality.
  61. What do you know about colour blindness ?
  62. Cytoplasm plays an important role in the inheritance of plastids. Explain with suitable example.
  63. Give genetic information about sickle – cell anemia and hemophilia
  64. Types of chromosomes with respect to the locations of centromere (Diagram essential).
  65. What is P.K.U. ?
  66. State the contribution of Bridges and Jacob of monod in the field of biology.
  67. How does Down’s syndrome occurs ?
  68. What is Trans location ?
  69. Name the enzymes responsible for the breakage and rejoining of chromatid segments during crossing over.
  70. Explain the statement. “Due to degenerate codons the chances of genetic mutation decreases.”

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