Important Question Bank of Economics for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2019

We have created a Most Important Question Bank which will help students in scoring good marks in HSC Board Exams. HSC Board Exams are fast approaching and students are getting anxious about how to prepare for their HSC Board Exams. So we had mentioned some HSC Study Tips to help students in Cracking HSC Exams.

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After the tremendous success of our past years Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2016 , 2017 and 2018 we have also created a list of Most Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2019 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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Economics Important Question Bank 2019

1) Differentiate between micro economics and macro economics.

2) Features of Utility.

3) State and explain law of demand with assumptions.

4) Commercial bank can create credit on the basis of primary deposits. Give reasons.

5) What are the determinants of aggregate demand?

6) What are the primary functions of commercial bank?

7) What are the features of ‘monopolistic competition’?

8) Differentiate between extension of supply and contraction of supply.

9) Cash reserve ratio (CRR) affects the lending capacity of banks. Give reasons.

10) Explain the output method of national income.
11) What is aggregate supply? Explain the determinants of aggregate supply.

12) Write a short note on total expenditure method and geometric method of measuring elasticity of Demand.
13) Explain the relationship between Total utility and Marginal utility.

14) Commercial banks cannot create credit money. Give reasons.

15) Explain the various methods of measuring national income.

16) Micro Economics studies behaviors of individual economic unit. Give reasons.

17) Differentiate between Gross National Product and Net National Product.

18) What are the features of Labor?

19) Differentiate between Expansion of demand and Increase in demand.

20) What are the features of perfect competition?

21) Explain Keynesian law along with a suitable diagram.

22) Define Law of Supply? Explain its Exception.

23) Explain law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. What are its assumptions?

24) What is elasticity of demand? What are the types of price elasticity?

25) Central Bank is a banker to the government. Give reasons.

26) Write explanatory note on Components of Government budget

27) What is the Qualitative Method of Credit Control by RBI?

28) State the features of capital.

29) What are the factors determining elasticity of demand?

30) There is no difference between stock and supply. Give reasons.

31) Differentiate between Partial equilibrium and General equilibrium.

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