41 Most Important Question Bank of History for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2018

We have created a 41 Most Important Question Bank which will help students in scoring good marks in HSC Board Exams. HSC Board Exams are fast approaching and students are getting anxious about how to prepare for their HSC Board Exams. So we had mentioned some HSC Study Tips to help students in Cracking HSC Exams.

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After the tremendous success of our past years Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2016 and  Most Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2017 ,we have created 51 Most likely question for HSC Board 2018.


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History Important Question Bank 2018:

1. Write the meaning and need of States Service Examination.

2. Explain the types of biography.

3. Historical events are contemporary. (explain the causes)

4. Explain the salient features of sculptures.

5. Explain the characteristics of tourism.

6. Dictionary of history is useful for study of history.

7. Describe the work of drama (theatre).

8. Explain the job opportunities in museum.

9. Newspaper is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy (explain the causes)

10.Give information of an interview.

11. Write the definitions, nature and any 4 functions of the periodicals.

12. Write information about encyclopaedia in brief.

13. Write about the features of storytelling method.

14. Television is the most effective medium among mass media(explain the causes)

15. State the importance of preservation of historical movement.

16. Write the importance of museum pertaining to history.

17. Give information about mythological drama.

18. Explain objectives of historical research

19. Define co-relationship of the past and present with history:

Present day problems solved

Compilation and preservation of memories

The study of the knowledge acquired from the past

20.Write the causes of: electronic media is essential today.

21.Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built several forts. (Explain the causes)

22. Explain the uses of printing press.

23. Explain any two methods of archaeology.

24. Explain the work of akashvani.

25. What are the needs of Maharashtra Public Service Commission.

26. What are the functions of television?

27. Write about the historical importance of numismatics.

28. Encyclopaedia is called as “dhyankosh” in Marathi. (explain the causes)

29. Explain the core unit of “national education policy”

30. Write about the internal and external personality of a teacher.

31. Write the importance of conservation and preservation of historical museum for the study of history.

32. Elaborate on any 4 sources for medieval Indian history.

33. State types of dictionary of biography.

34. Explain the methods of teaching history.

35. Numismatics is especially important. Explain with causes.

36.Describe application of electronic media.

37. Describe the concept of applied history.

38. Describe Jorwe culture.

39. Write the importance of Travancore printing press.

40. Describe the nature and importance of encyclopaedia.

41. Explain the characteristics of a tourists guide Skills of language, conversation and elocution   Information and affinity about Indian history Knowledge of Indian cultural and arts.

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