51 Economics Important Question Bank for Bihar Class 12th Intermediate (HSC) Board Exam 2018

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Bihar Economics question:

1. What do you mean by price elasticity? Explain its types.
2. What do you mean by national income? Discuss the difficulties of its measurement.
3. Distinguish between Marginal revenue and Average Revenue.
4. Define balance of Trade.
5. What is foreign Exchange Market?
6. What are the uses of National income accounting?
7. Explain inflationary gap with the help of a suitable diagram. How it affects prices and employment?
8. What is Consumer equilibrium? State its assumptions.
9. Explain tertiary function of money.
10. What are the characteristics of capitalist economics?
11. What is circular flow of income?
12. Define foreign exchange market and its function.
13. What is elasticity of demand for a necessary good?
14. What are the adverse effect of price ceiling and rationing?
15. What do you mean by micro Economics? Explain its scope.
16. State the Law of supply.
17. What is Law of demand? Also explain its assumptions.
18. Why and when Goiporia Committee was constituted? What were its recommendations?
19. What reforms were brought in banking sector during 1992-2006?
20. What is Expansion of demand?
21. Differentiate between superior and inferior goods.
22. What do you mean by net resource Income in foreign.  How does it differ from Net Export?
23. Explain the concept of MEC. How it is measured?
24. Explain the forward and backward action of a multiplier.
25. Distinguish between Prime cost and supplementary cost.
26. What is deficient demand? How it affects employment in the economy? How it is corrected?
27. What do you mean by deflation? Does it affect price and output? Give reasons
28. Explain the merits and demerits of a flexible exchange rate.
29. How employment is determined by saving and investment?
30. What is excess demand in an economy? How can it be controlled?
31. Explain with suitable examples progressive tax, proportional tax and regressive tax.
32. Explain with the help of suitable diagram the determination of income employment and output levels in the economy.
33. Explain the difference between ex-ante saving & investment and ex-post saving & investment.
34. What is Production Possibility Curve?
35. Define investment multiplier. How it is related with marginal propensity to consume?
36. Distinguish between balanced budget, surplus budget and deficit budget.
37. What is barter system? Explain its disadvantages.

38. What is Normative Economics?
39. What are the different types of Economic systems?
40. Discuss the determinant of market demand.
41. What is elasticity of demand?
42. Describe limitation of utility analysis.
43. What are the causes of the problem of choice?
44. What is the meaning of Economic problems?
45. Explain the percentage method for measuring elasticity of demand?
46. Explain the evils of money.
47. What do you understand by Variable factors?
48. What is the relationship between Marginal utility and Total utility?
49. Write stages of Laws of Variable Proportion.
50. State the Law of increasing return or Law of decreasing cost theory?
51. What is Total cost and Marginal cost?

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