Biology – Important Question Bank for Karnataka Intermediate II PUC (HSC) Board Exam 2020

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Question Bank for Karnataka 12th std  PUC HSC Board Exam 201620172018 and 2019 we have also created a list of Important Question Bank for Karnataka Intermediate II PUC (HSC) Board Exam 2020 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.


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  1. What are homogametic and heterogametes?
  2. List the effects of drug / alcohol abuse.
  3. What in Neo Darwinism? What are its advantages over Darwinism?
  4. Explain Hershey Chase experiment with a neat labeled diagram.
  5. Discuss Biopiracy with special reference to patenting of life forms.
  6. Why has T.H. Morgan selected fruit flies for his genetical experiments?
  7. Draw a structure of Watson – Crick Model of DNA.
  8. What are palindrome nucleotide sequences? Mention any two enzymes which recognize such sequences in DNA.
  9. AB blood group of man shows co-dominance. Give reason.
  10. Explain Bt-Cotton and write a note on the effects and significance of Bt- toxin.
  11. State Hardy Weinberg principle
  12. Explain any three prevention and control measures of drug and alcohol abuse.
  13. With a labeled diagram explain the functioning of electro static precipitator.
  14. Explain how does a primary succession start on a bare rock and reach climax community
  15. What is altitude sickness? What its causes and symptoms? How does human body try to overcome altitude sickness?
  16. Explain the process of gel electrophoresis
  17. Write a brief note on HGP (Human Genome Project).
  18. Describe the mechanism of Semi conservative mode of DNA replication
  19. What is logistic growth? Describe with a logistic growth equation. Show diagrammatic representation of Logistic and Exponential growth curves in a combined diagram.
  20. What is artificial hybridization? By which technique is it achieved?
  21. Mention two approaches used while sequencing human genome.
  22. What is population explosion? Mention reasons for over population. Suggest methods to overcome this.
  23. Explain the process of oogenesis with schematic representation.
  24. Explain the steps involved in plant breeding.
  25. Mention the important of selectable marker.
  26. Write the structure of replication of retrovirus.
  27. Explain the process of asexual reproduction in amoeba and yeast cells with the help of diagram.
  28. Explain the event of sexual reproduction.
  29. Explain the factors affecting the process of decomposition. Explain the process of decomposition.
  30. Explain Physiological adaptation to high altitude by humans. How the bodies solve the problem?
  31. Explain any five birth control/contraceptive methods
  32. Explain briefly any five assisted reproductive technologies to overcome from infertility problem
  33. Describe the structure of human sperm
  34. Explain the mechanism of sex determination in man.
  35. Write the tools involved in rDNA technology.
  36. What is menstrual cycle? Explain the phases of menstrual cycle.

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