Physics – Circular Motion – MCQs TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Physics – Circular Motion – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. If a particle moves in a circle describing equal angels in equal times, its velocity vector.

#2. A motor cyclist going round in a circular path with a constant speed. It has

#3. A car moving on a horizontal road may be thrown out of the road in taking a turn

#4. For a particle in circular motion the centripetal acceleration

#5. A particle moves with constant angular velocity in circular path of certain radius and is acted upon by a certain centri9petal force F. If the angular velocity is doubled, keeping the radius same, then new force will be

#6. A car travels north with a uniform velocity. It goes over a piece of mud which sticks to the tyre. The particle of the mud, as it leaves the ground are thrown

#7. A cane filled with water is revolved in a vertical circle of radius 4 m and the water just does not fall down. The time period of revolution will be

#8. A road is 10 m wide. Its radius of curvature is 50 m. The outer edge is above the lower edge by a distance of 1.5 m. This road is most suites for the velocity

#9. When a particle moves in a uniform circular motion. It has

#10. A hollow sphere has radius 604 m. The minimum velocity required by a motor cyclist at bottom to complete the circle will be


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