Physics – Gravitation – MCQs TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Physics – Gravitation – TEST (MCQs Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. If the distance between Earth and the sun is increased by three time then the attraction between the two will

#2. If the radius of Earth contracts 2% of its mass remains the same, then weight of the body at the Earth’s surface

#3. An Earth satellite S has an orbital radius which is 4 times that of a communication satellite C. The period of revolution of S is

#4. If a small satellite is revolving near Earth’s surface, its orbital velocity will be nearly

#5. The escape velocity of a projectile form Earth is approximately

#6. A man inside an artificial satellite feels weightlessness because the force of attraction due to Earth is

#7. If the Earth stops rotating, the value of ‘G’ at the equator will

#8. Which of the following is the evidence to show that there must be a force acting on Earth and directed towards the Sun

#9. If the distance between two masses is doubled, the gravitational attraction between them

#10. The atmosphere is held to the Earth by

#11. If a satellite is orbiting the Earth very close to its surface, then the orbital velocity mainly depends on

#12. A body weight 700 g-wt on Earth’s surface. How much will it weight on the surface of a planet whose mass is 1/7th and the radius is same as that of the Earth

#13. If the Earth Is t one fourth of its present distance from the Sun, the duration of the year will be

#14. The escape velocity for a rocket form Earth is 11.2 km/s. Its value on a planet where acceleration due to gravity is double that on the Earth and the diameter of the planet is twice that of Earth will be

#15. A weigh is suspended from the ceiling of a lift by a spring balance. When the lift is stationary the spring balance reads W. if the lift suddenly falls freely under gravity, the reading on the spring balance will be


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