English Grammar – MCQs TEST 6 (Maharashtra HSC Board)

English Grammar – Preposition Example MCQs TEST – Maharashtra HSC Board

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Fill in the Blank with Appropriate Propositions.


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#1. The book is ___ the mug and the pen.

#2. The lamp is ___ the table.

#3. There is a bed ____ my room.

#4. Mike often hides ___ that tree.

#5. The books are ___ the shelf.

#6. My mother’s plant is ____ the TV.

#7. Sam usually sits ___ this chair.

#8. Mary sometimes sits ___ John and Jill.c

#9. The mouse is ___ the cats.

#10. There is a museum ___ the school.

#11. The bookshop is the bank____.

#12. The computer is ___ the telephone.

#13. The pillow is ____ the blanket.

#14. There are apple tress ____ the house.

#15. There is a bench ____ my house.

#16. The picture is ___ the wall.

#17. The cat always sleeps ___ my bed.

#18. The desks are ___ the blackboard in the classroom.

#19. You sit ____ me in the classroom.

#20. The books are ____ my schoolbag.


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