Entrepreneurship – Important Question Bank for CBSE Class XII (HSC) Board Exam 2019

HSC Board Exams are fast approaching and students are getting anxious about how to prepare for their HSC Board Exams. So we had mentioned some HSC Study Tips to help students in Cracking HSC Exams.

After the tremendous success of Important Questions Bank HSC (12th Std) Board Exam 2016 and 2017 we have also created a list ofMost Important Questions Bank for CBSE Class XII (HSC) Board Exam 2019 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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  1. What are the unique characteristics of an entrepreneur?
  2. Why is entrepreneurship important for a country?
  3. List the stages of growth and development of entrepreneurship.
  4. What is the relationship between human activities and entrepreneurship?
  5. What are the social motives in entrepreneurial motivation?
  6. What are the major categories of entrepreneurial ideas? Discuss them with an example each from your observations and reading.
  7. What are the three steps involved in the process of sensing entrepreneurial opportunities.
  8. What do you understand by ‘Scanning of Environment’?
  9. Why is environment an important factor for entrepreneurship?
  10. Briefly outline the process of sensing entrepreneurial opportunities, describing each stage with an example.
  11. What is the difference between basic ideas and post-scanning ideas?
  12. How is market survey useful to an entrepreneur?
  13. Describe the different methods adopted by entrepreneurs to generate ideas with at least one example for each.
  14. Write a critical analysis of the concept of sustainable development with special reference to Entrepreneurship.
  15. What are the requirements for value chain management?
  16. Diagrammatically explain the Michael Porter’s Generic Value Chain.
  17. What are the various possible reasons that cause failure of mergers and acquisitions?
  18. Give an elaborated overview of the different types of mergers.
  19. What are the benefits enjoyed by both the franchiser and franchisee through franchise?
  20. Enumerate various types of value additions.
  21. Define synergy. Explain in which forms the synergy prevails.
  22. What are the differences between consolidation and merger?
  23. What are the possible ways in which an organization can expand externally?
  24. What is promotion mix? Write the elements of promotion mix.
  25. Elaborate short, medium and long term finance.
  26. What is business planning? How is a feasible report prepared?
  27. Prepare a project report and resource assessment.
  28. What are the different types of marketing functions?
  29. How is marketing mix different than promotion mix?
  30. List the key functions of an entrepreneur.
  31. Write a short note on growth and development.
  32. How is cost determined?

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