Chemistry – p – Block Elements – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Chemistry – p – Block Elements – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. Catalytic oxidation of NH3 gives:

#2. Structure of ammonia is

#3. Maximum covalency of nitrogen is:

#4. Among the elements of group 15, the most electronegative element is:

#5. The element which doesn’t exhibit allotropy:

#6. The boiling point of phosphine is____ than that of ammonia

#7. Phosphorous has the oxidation state of +3 in:

#8. Oxygen molecule shows

#9. Fluorine doesn’t show positive oxidation state due to absence of:

#10. Which one of the halogen is radioactive:

#11. Which is the most abundant noble gas:

#12. A mixture used for respiration by sea divers is:

#13. The strongest oxidizing agent is:

#14. Which one has highest bond energy:

#15. PCl5 exists but NCL5 does not due to:

#16. ___ has the highest density:

#17. Chile saltpeter is:

#18. Which one the following doesn’t exist

#19. FeSo4 forms brown ring with:

#20. The oxidation of nitrogen in nitric acid is:



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