Chemistry – d & f Block Elements – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Chemistry – d & f Block Elements – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. Highest magnetic moment is shown by the ion

#2. Acidifies potassium dichromate cannot oxidize

#3. The metal ion which is not colored is

#4. The product of oxidation of l-with Mno4- ions in alkaline medium is

#5. Chromyl chloride test is for

#6. Which of the following compound is expected to be colored

#7. The group which belongs to transition series is

#8. Equivalent mass of potassium dichromate in acidic solution is

#9. Which of the following element forms interstitial compounds

#10. Manganese achieves the highest oxidation state in its compounds

#11. The number of d electrons retained in Fe2+ (Z of Fe is 26) ion is

#12. Chromium (Z=24) has electronic configuration

#13. Which of the following has the largest radii

#14. The first transition element is

#15. An atom with atomic number 21 belongs to the category of

#16. The general configuration of d-block elements is


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