Chemistry – Basics Principal and Processes of Isolation of Elements – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Chemistry – Basics Principal and Processes of Isolation of Elements – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. Bismuth tin lead and mercury are separated from their crude by:

#2. Ultra pure metals are non metal are obtained by:

#3. In polling the green logs of wood is used to liberate:

#4. In ____ metal oxide is reduced to metal

#5. Zone refining is used to prepare ultra pure samples of:

#6. The product of zinc obtained after roasting process is:

#7. The impurities of iron oxide from zinc blend are separated by:

#8. Pine oil is used in the concentration of zinc blend in ___ process

#9. Zinc sulphide is roasted in reverberatory furnace has temperature of about:

#10. Pure zinc is deposited on the ___ cathode:

#11. Highest carbon content iron is:

#12. In extraction of iron limestone is used for:

#13. Hot air reacts with coke to form carbon monoxide in:

#14. In Hall’s process or dry process bauxite is fused with

#15. The ore which contains copper and iron both:


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