Chemistry – Important Question Bank for Karnataka Intermediate II PUC (HSC) Board Exam 2017

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Question Bank for Karnataka 12th std  PUC HSC Board Exam 2016, we have also created a list of  Most Important Question Bank for Karnataka Intermediate II PUC (HSC) Board Exam 2017 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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1. a. i) what are condensation polymers ? Give an example.

ii)Give the IUPAC name of the monomer of natural rubber.

b. What are Biodegradable polymers ? Give an example

2. a) Name the monomers of Nylon-6,6

b) How is Neoprene prepared? Give equation

c) Give an example for thermoplastic polymer

3. a) Which among the following is a homopolymer and a co-polymer,

i) Nylon-6,6  ii) PVC

b) How is Buna-N prepared ?. Write the equation

c) Give one example for a non-biodegradable polymer

4. a) What are Elastomers? Give example.

b) Write the partial structure of nylon 6, 6 and Bakelite.

c) What is vulcanization of rubber?

5. a. What are carbohydrates ?and how are they classified ?

b. What is a peptide bond ? How many peptide bonds are present in a tetra peptide ?

6. a) Write the Haworth structure of maltose

b) What are hormones? Give one biological function of insulin

c) What are nucleosides?

7. a) Write the Haworth’s structure of sucrose

b) What are non-essential amino acids?

c) Name the heterocyclic N-containing base present only in DNA but not in RNA.

d) Vitamin-C cannot be stored in the body. Give reason.

8. a) Deficiency of which vitamin leads to night blindness?

b) Which hormone is responsible for the hyperthyroidism?

c) What is a Zwitter ion of an amino acid? Give its general formula.

d) What is a nucleotide?

9. a)Explain carbylamine reaction by taking methyl amine as an example.

b) Why do primary amine have higher boiling point than tertiary amines?

c) Give an example for a coupling reaction of diazonium salt and give its chemical equation.

10.  a. Explain how is Hinberg’s reagent is used to distinguish the primary, secondary and tertiary amines

b. Write the chemical reactions involved in the conversion of aniline into phenol

11. a) How do you convert benzene diazonium chloride into chlorobenzene. Name the reaction

b)Explain Hoffmann Bromamide reaction with an example

12.  a. Derive the integrated rate equation for the rate constant of a first order reaction.

b. what is pseudo first order reaction ?

13.  a) Explain SN2 mechanism with an example

b) Name the product formed when chloromethane reacts with

(i)aqueous KOH & (ii)alcoholicAgCN

c) Give an example of polyhalogen compound

14. a) Write any two differences between lyophilic sols and lyophobic sols

b) What are the differences between physisorption and chemisorption

c) Give an example for homogeneous catalysis

15. . Explain the manufacture of Potassium dichromate from chromite ore.

16. Using VBT explain,

i) Geometry of the complex ii) Type of hybridization, in the complex ion [CoF6] 3- . iii) Is it an inner or outer orbital complex?

17. How is pure alumina obtained from Bauxite by leaching process?

18.  a) Calculate the packing efficiency in a CCP crystal lattice

b) What is the number of particles per unit cell of a simple cube

19. a) Calculate the packing efficiency in BCC lattice

b) Calculate the number of particles per unit cell in FCC

20. a) Acetone boils at 56.38o C and a solution of 1.41g of an organic compound in 20 g of acetone boils at 56.88o C. Calculate the molar mass of the organic compound (Given Kb for acetone =1.67 K kg/mol).

b) what is reverse Osmosis, mention one important application of it.

21. a) How does phosphorus react with limited amount of chlorine? Give equation.

b) What is the product obtained by the reaction between fluorine in excess of bromine?

22. Write the reactions that takes place during the manufacture of nitric acid by Ostwald’s process.

23. How copper is refined by electrolytic method.

24. a) Derive the integrated rate equation for a zero order reaction

b) Give any two differences between order and molecularity of reaction

25. Explain the extraction of aluminium from purified alumina by Hall-Heroult process.

26. i) what happens when potassium chlorate is heated in presence of MnO2. write the equation for the reaction also

ii) draw the structure of sulphuric acid.

27.  i) Write the structure & mention basicity of hypo phosphorous acid.

b) What are the differences between physisorption and chemisorption

c) Give an example for homogeneous catalysis

28. a) How is ozonised oxygen prepared?

b) Write the structure of sulphurous acid

29. d-block elements form co-ordination compounds . Give reasons.

30.  Mention the geometry, magnetic property and type of hybridization in [Ni(cn)4] 2- complex.

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