51-Physics Important Question Bank for Jharkhand class 12th Intermediate (HSC) Board Exam 2018

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Question Bank for Jharkhand class 12 (JAC) HSC Board Exam 2016 and 2017 we have also created a list of  Most Important Question Bank for Jharkhand class 12 Inter (HSC) Board Exam 2018 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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1. Mention difference between Solenoid and Toroidal Solenoid.
2. What is the unit of electric field intensity?
3. A) Find magnetic field at a point an the axis of a current carrying coil. B) consider a tightly wound 100 turns coil of radius 10 cm carrying a current of 1A. what is the magnitude of the magnetic field at the centre of the coil.
4. Obtain the expression for the torque acting on an electric dipole placed in a uniform electric field?
5. Obtain expression for fringe width of bright & dark fringes in Young’s double slit experiment with neat ray diagram.
6. What is ionosphere ? What is its use in radio broadcast.
7. Work function of Na is 2.3ev. Does sodium show photoelectric emission for light of wavelength 6800
8. Describe with principle of the construction & waking of a moving coil Galvanometer. What are voltage and current sensitivity
9.What do you mean by reactance and impedance? Prove that average power dissipated in a circuit containing inductance only is zero. What is a choke coil?
10. Give Bohr’s postulates and explain the energy spectral lines of Hydrogen spectrum; on the basis of Bohr’s theory
11. Write down the limit of resolution and resolving power of a microscope. What happens to the resolving power of microscope when a transparent medium is inserted between the objective and the object and when wavelength of light used is decreased.
12. Define R.M.S. or virtual value of alternating current
13. Which instrument is used to measure electric current ?
14. Derive an expression for the maximum distance up to which T.V Signal be received on the surface of the earth from antenna
15. Explain with the help of circuit diagram, how the depletion layer changes when it is forward biased ?
16. Calculate mass defect, binding energy and binding energy per nucleon for a Lithium nucleus (taking its mass = 7.000000 a.m.u. mass of proton = 1.007825 a.m.u. and mass of neutron =1.008665 a.m.u. Take 1 a.m.u. = 931.5 Me Ѵ
17. Mention three different modes of propagation used in communication system. Explain with the help of a diagram how long distance communication can be achieved by ionospheric reflection of radio waves.
18. Write the value of impedance of C-R circuit ?
19. The threshold frequencies for the metals A & B are Hz and Hz respectively, show by calculation which metal will emit photo electrons when light of wave length 3000 X m falls on them.
20. In Kirchof’s loop rule, what is the algebraic sum of the change in potential, round the loop ?
21. Give one use of each of the following :- (i) Infrared rays (ii) Gamma rays (iii) X-ray (iv) Microwaves.
22. What is the relation between the width of dark fringes and the width of bright fringes in Young’s double slit experiment ?
23. Give the logic symbol and truth table for OR-Gate.
24. Show mathematically the average value of alternating current is zero in a complete cycle.

25. Two capacitors of capacitances 6uF and 12uF are connected in series with a battery. The voltage across the 6uF capacitor is 2V. Compute the total battery voltage.
26. Show that the de-Broglie wavelength of electrons accelerated by potential is given by the relation.
27. Is there any conductor which can be given almost unlimited charge?
28. Define peak value of A.C. of Give relation between peak value and virtual value of current
29. Which colour of light gets deviated the most when sunlight passes through a prism ?
30. Draw the diagram of n-p- n transistor in Common-emitter configuration to study its (i) input (ii) output characteristics.
31. Give two uses of each of the following (i) Radiowavs (ii) Microwave
32. Give the logic symbol and truth table for NAND-Gate.
33. Derive an Expression for average life of a radio nuclide. Give its relationship with the half-Life
34. In amplitude modulation write the range of modulation index
35. The Half life of Radon is 3.8 days. Calculate how much of 15 milligram of Radon will remain after 38 days.
36. What type of Semiconductor is formed when Germanium is doped with Indium ?
37. What is the amount of work done in moving a 200nc charge between two points 5cm apart on an equipotential surface?
38. State and prove Gauss’s theorem? Find electric field intensity due to a uniform by charged thin spherical shell (hollow sphore)
39. Derive expression for a torque produced in current carrying loop placed inside uniform magnetic field.
40. Identify the following electromagnetic radiations as per the wave length given below. Write one application of each (i) 1 mm (ii) m (iii) m
41. Differentiate between, resistance, reactance and impedance. And Find a formula for emf induced in coil rotating in a uniform magnetic field.
42. Two point charge of +2uc and +6uc repel each other with a force of 12N. If each is given an additional charge of -4uc, what will be the force?
43. The wave length of electromagnetic radiation is doubled. What will happen to the energy ?
44. Two parallel conductor carrying current in same direction will attract or repel. Give justification.
45. Find equivalent resistance in parallel combination.
46. n amplitude modulation write the range of modulation index.
47. Define (i) intrinsic semi conductor (ii) extrinsic semi conductor with one example
48. Using kirchoff’s rules, find the balance condition of a whetstone’s bridge.
49. Light passes from one medium to the other. Which characteristic remains constant velocity,
wave length or frequency ?
50. What is the phase relation between current and voltage in the circuit containg resistance and
capacitance ?

51. What do you mean by efficiency of a transformer ? Discuss different types of energy losses in a transformer.  Why A.C is carried at high voltage ?

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