What is banking of road? Explain the necessity of banking of the road.

Banking of road: The process of raising outer edge of a road over its inner edge through certain angle is known as banking of road. Necessity of banking of the road: i. When a vehicle moves along horizontal curved road, […]

U.C.M is an accelerated motion. Justify this statement.

Definition:                     In U.C.M, the magnitude of linear velocity (speed) remains constant but the direction of linear velocity goes on changing i.e., linear velocity changes.             The […]

Define periodic motion. Why U.C.M is called periodic motion?

Definition: A type of motion which is repeated after equal interval of time is called periodic motion. The particle performing U.C.M repeats its motion after equal intervals of time on the same path. Hence, U.C.M is called periodic motion.    […]

What is uniform circular motion? State the characteristics of uniform circular motion.

       The motion of a body along the circumference of a circle with constant speed is called uniform circular motion.       In U.C.M, direction of velocity is along the tangent drawn to the position of particle […]

Write down the main characteristics of angular acceleration.

Characteristics of angular acceleration: Angular acceleration is positive if angular velocity increases with time. Angular acceleration is negative if angular velocity decreases with time. Angular acceleration is an axial vector. In uniform circular motion, angular velocity is constant, so angular […]

Are the following motions same or different?

i. Motion of tip of second hand of a clock.? ii. Motion of entire second hand of a clock?  Both the motions are different. The tip of the second hand of a clock performs uniform circular motion while the entire […]

State right hand thumb rule to find the direction of angular displacement.

Right hand thumb rule: Imagine the axis of rotation to be held in right hand with the fingers curled around it and thumb out-stretched. If the curled fingers give the direction of motion of a particle performing circular motion then […]