What is vertical circular motion? Show that motion of an object revolving in vertical circle is non uniform circular motion.

       A body revolves in a vertical circle such that its motion at different points is different then the motion of the body is said to be vertical circular motion.         Consider an object of […]

What is banking of road? Explain the necessity of banking of the road.

Banking of road: The process of raising outer edge of a road over its inner edge through certain angle is known as banking of road. Necessity of banking of the road: i. When a vehicle moves along horizontal curved road, […]

Explain applications of centrifugal force in our daily life.

There are Seven application of centrifugal force. Applications: i. When a car in motion takes a sudden turn towards left, passengers in car experience an outward push to the right. This is due to centrifugal force acting on the passengers. ii. […]

State four examples where centripetal force is experienced by the body .

Examples where centripetal force is experienced by the body. I) A stone tied at the end of a string is revolved in a horizontal circle, the tension in the string provides the necessary centripetal force. It is given by equation […]

What is the difference between uniform circular motion and non uniform circular motion? Give examples.

Sr. No U.C.M Non-U.C.M 1. Circular motion with constant angular speed is known as uniform circular motion Circular motion with variable angular speed is called as non-uniform circular motion 2. For U.C.M, α = 0 For non-U.C.M, α≠ 0 3. In U.C.M, work […]

U.C.M is an accelerated motion. Justify this statement.

Definition:                     In U.C.M, the magnitude of linear velocity (speed) remains constant but the direction of linear velocity goes on changing i.e., linear velocity changes.             The […]

Define periodic motion. Why U.C.M is called periodic motion?

Definition: A type of motion which is repeated after equal interval of time is called periodic motion. The particle performing U.C.M repeats its motion after equal intervals of time on the same path. Hence, U.C.M is called periodic motion.    […]