Principles of Management  – TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra-12th std)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Principles of Management   – TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. The propounded of administrative management is ____________

#2. _______ gave sound principles of organization

#3. Management principles are _______ in nature

#4. _______ is the principle of specialization

#5. Henry Fayol has suggested _____ principles of Management

#6. Management principles establish _______ relationship

#7. “One Plan One Head” is stated in __________

#8. According to the principle of _____ all employees must be given equal treatment

#9. According to the principle of _________ employees should work as a group

#10. Principles of management are developed by ______

#11. Management principles influence ______

#12. Concentration of power of authority is stated in the principle of _______

#13. F.W. Taylor is called as the father of ________ management

#14. _________ principles refers to taking the first step

#15. Technique of study of ________ concentrates on the body movements of the worker


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