Consumer Protection – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra-12th std)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Consumer Protection   – TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. The Consumer Protection Act was passed in the year _____

#2. State Consumer dispute redressal commission is popularly know as ______

#3. National Commission is established by ________

#4. The ________ is formed at the headquarter of a district by the State Government as per the consumer protection Act, 1986

#5. The Central Consumer Council was established by ________

#6. The Chairman of the National Commission is a ______

#7. Consumer in actual practices are at the mercy of _______

#8. The claim up to ________ can be entertained by District Forum

#9. The right to need is the __________ right to consumer

#10. In modern competitive market consumer is regarded as ________

#11. A member of district forum shall hold office for a term of _______ years

#12. The number of members in District Forum, state commission and national commission are _______ respectively

#13. The returns of Central Consumer Protection council is _____ years

#14. The maximum period of membership of the district Forum is _______

#15. _______ is the center point in any economic

#16. Claims for compensation up to Rupees 1 Crore are to be attended by _______

#17. The complaints of consumers are received at the lowest level by the __________

#18. _________ The consumer cannot fight against their exploitation

#19. Under the consumer protection Act, 1986, right to choose means right Ot choose _________

#20. To have _________ is a basic need of consumers


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