Function  of Management  – TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra-12th std)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Function of Management   – TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Planning is a ______________

#2. An efforts to bring uniformity in the work of various department is called _____

#3. Deciding in advance as to what is to be done, when it is to be done and who is to do it is __________ function of management

#4. Physical, financial and human resources brought together to develop productive relationship is a ________ function

#5. Directing is responsibility of _______ at all levels

#6. Controlling measures the _____________ of actual performances form the standard performance and help is correcting action

#7. unification. integration and synchronization of the efforts of group members so as to achieve common goals is a ________

#8. A process to establishes harmony among different activities to achieve desired result is _______

#9. Staffing functions is a _____________ activity

#10. Directing is initiated at ________ level

#11. Planning is essential for _______ functions

#12. Effective controlling is _______

#13. Guiding , Inspiring, Instruction and overseeing people towards desired goals is called ________

#14. The last function is marginal process is ________

#15. The process of management starts with _________ functions

#16. Staffing is _______

#17. Staffing is concerned with __________

#18. Harmonization of activities is called __________

#19. Division of work is involved in ___________ functions

#20. Planning is ________ of all managerial activities


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