Physics Tips :: Best Tips to Ace Your Physics Exam!

I believe that Physics is not too much difficult if you willing to put efforts into it. i think this tips will help you!

1. Always look through your lecture notes before going to lecture, this will give u a normal idea of what your lecturers will be going through later.

2. Never Sleep During Your Lectures ( 90% students do this lol ) , i know this is very difficult (usually with those lectures with monotonous voice).

3. Pay attention to your lecturer, don’t talk with your friends  about  last night tv shows,movies  and many more things! Stay focus on the lecture, it will safe your many wasted hours.

4. Takes notes from your friends or teachers  if you think you cannot remember the important parts that your lecturer had went through.

5. Always keep practicing!!! in free hours practice many different difficult questions to stretch your mind.

hope it will help you little bit !  Also if you have any other tips which is not listed here feel free to comment here 😉

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