Physics – Semiconductor – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Physics – Semiconductor – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. The materials most commonly used for solar cells?

#2. What is a transistor?

#3. Which of the following gates can act as building block for logic circuits?

#4. In a n-p-n transistor, what is the role of p-type semiconductor?

#5. In a p-n-p transistor the current produced is mainly due to

#6. A p-n junction diode cannot be used as

#7. If there is o electron in the conduction band of a solid at room temperature, it is

#8. In which of the following do holes exist?

#9. To create a p-type semiconductor from a pure semiconductor we can add

#10. A transistor produces good amplification in this configuration

#11. A solar cell converts sunlight into

#12. In a pure semiconductor like silicon, a p-type impurity creates

#13. Metal contain large number of free

#14. In forward-biased mode, a –p-n diode acts as

#15. Full wave rectifier requires

#16. Each covalent bond in a pure Silicon or Germanium has

#17. The number of bonds formed in a p-type and n-type semiconductor are

#18. What is the nature of the current output form a simple filter-less rectifier?

#19. What is an AND gate logically equivalent to? Parallel switching circuit

#20. Which effect is used in solar cells?



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