Chemistry – Solid State of Chemistry – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board )

Chemistry – Solid State of Chemistry – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. For an ionic crystal of the general formula AX and coordination number 6, the value of radius ratio will be

#2. Compounds with identical crystal structure and analogous chemical formula are called

#3. Which among the following will show anisotropy?

#4. If the pressure on a NaCl structure is increased, then its coordination number will

#5. Copper crystallizes in fcc with a unit cell length of 361 pm. What is the radius of copper atom?

#6. In a metallic crystal

#7. The three dimensional graph of lattice points which sets the pattern for the whole lattice is called

#8. The edge of unit cell of fcc Xe crystal is 620 pm. The radius of Xe atom is

#9. Tetragonal crystal system has the following unit cell dimensions

#10. The radius of Na+ is 95 pm and that of Cl– is 181 pm. The coordination number of Na+ is


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