Physics – Current Electricity – MCQs TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Physics – Current Electricity – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Two wires of the same material have length in the ratio 1:2. The ration of their specific resistances will be

#2. The algebraic sum of current at a junction in any electric circuit is equal to

#3. Which of the following instruments is generally used with a galvanometer to show nil reading?

#4. Kichoff’s laws of current prove the law of conservation of

#5. A meter- bridge cannot be used to determine

#6. A whetstone’s bridge ABCD is balanced with a galvanometer between the points B and D. at balance B and D will be

#7. The length and cross-section of the wire of a meter-bridge are

#8. The current density is

#9. Kelvin’s method of determination of resistance of galvanometer by meter-bridge is

#10. The length of the potentiometer wire is kept larger so that the value of potential gradient may

#11. For the same potential difference, a potentiometer wire is replaced by another of higher specific resistance. The potential gradient

#12. The sensitivity of a potentiometer is increased by

#13. The wire of a potentiometer is usually made of

#14. When the null point is obtained in the potentiometer, the current drawn is from

#15. When the balance point is obtained in the potentiometer, the current drawn is from


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